We have met the enemy, and he's a Redneck Moran

This fine gentleman was photographed at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally this past weekend - seems like the kinda guy who's all about honor, right? And restoring it!

Restoring it from... what? This implies honor was somehow taken away. I wonder how that happened? Could it have been by the Administration that launched a pre-emptive invasion based on lies? Nahhhh... we know who.

The black guy, who's ALSO a Democrat. Three strikes right there.

But look at this Redneck Moran above and glory in the ignorance - first, the Confederate Battle Flag clothes. Very honorable - nothing says honor like proclaiming your love for a group that seceded from the country in order to fight for a system based on human slavery.

What's more despicable there? The fact that we're told by Newscorp that essentially only Southern Republicans can be Patriotic, yet these are the same people who wholeheartedly back the Confederacy, who by very definition were all traitors?

That these same people don't respect Democracy - yes, Obama being black is a big part of their anger, but truthfully, they did much of this same shit to Clinton. Point being, they want a One party system, and it ain't a Democrat to be the One. 

They proclaim their support for the Constitution, but clearly have no idea what it means.

On and on.

Again, the saddest part of this scary Hagar look-a-like is this: Consider this guy's life. He's probably poor/working class, heavily in debt, poorly educated, etc. Yet, his entire life he's been told that while he might have it bad, he's better than a Nigger - so he'll fight against anything smacking of help for black folks. Ironically, the same efforts could help himself, but, the saying "cut off your nose to spite your face" applies here.

So, the old divide and conquer - convince this guy that ANY help for the poor/working class is really SOCIALISM! COMMUNISM! ISLAM! Or, it's really about helping young black males get food stamps so they never have to work..... and they'll take up their Corporate Master's banner, and fight against everything that could make their lives better, all so the Fat Cats can get fatter.

It'd be hilarious if not so tragically sad. And perhaps the real tears are soon to flow, if the Repuglicans get any whiff of subpoena power after the 2010 midterm elections - how do you think they'll handle that?

Stay tuned.


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Redshirt said...

Yeah. I just got all fired up reading that post again. We're living in some insane world where up is down, and hard working, good folks can be poisoned by the devil (FOX) and thereafter utter nothing but lies and slander, with a smile, while stabbing themselves in the back. So sad, all of it, and all it would take to correct is a change of mind...