Everything's Dinosaurs

Every bird you know is a dinosaur descendent. Turtles too. A shorter list would be "Who's not related to dinosaurs?"

Shit's dinotastic.


Diligent (Sponsored By)

This photo has been begging to join our blog, for years now. Look at the irony, it said! Finally, I agree. But only ironically.


All life is precious

Did you know both the Republican party and major religious groups did not care about abortion until the late 70's? Concurrent with the Presidency of Democrat, Jimmy Carter. And then one St. Ronaldus Maximus Reaganus used this issue as a wedge (among many) and won huge victories. And now we live in the heights of abortion as a political issue.

My stand on abortion: I wish no one had to have one, but if a woman chooses to, that's her right and she's got final say.

The Republican Party doesn't really care about abortions (they like them too, personally, for their daughters and mistresses), but boy do they love it as a political hand grenade.

Also, it's cool mammals look pretty identical at a certain stage of development. Proof of common descent - Oh! Evolution. Something else Republicans pretend to care about for political purposes.


Yay Bats!

Look at the development of a cute bat embryo! Or also, Bat See No Evil...
Aww! There are certain bats called "Flying Foxes". See why? And everyone loves foxes, right? Except chicken owners. But who loves chicken owners? No one, not really. They may love the eggs, but not the chickens.


Spacebat we salute you

Back when the US had a manned space program, a bat hitched a ride on one of the last flights. Hidden agenda? Secret mission? Suicidal devotion? Who's to say why bats do things - they are a mystery. But the Internet, of course, came up with some tributes to this brave bat.
Where were you the day that bold bat rocketed up into the sky?
He/She's with Laika, and all the other animals  - like space chimps - we shot into space and now orbit the Earth, forever.
Excelsior, our animal ambassadors!
Don't shed too many tears though, for these courageous animals knew what they were signing up for, and gladly accepted the risks. I mean, who doesn't want to go to space?


Flags of a feather

I should note that as concerns the Holy Flag Code, wearing the US flag in any way except as a patch on a uniform is expressly forbidden.
This is textbook perfect use of the flag during a soldier's funeral. Allah bless are troops!
These colors don't run - they offshore to Asian sweatshops, preferably in countries with a dictatorship. FREEDOM!


Never Forget IX - Cyber 9 Edition!

One's dedication to an ideal can be measured by the amount of flair one is prepared to engage. How much flair do you wear?
You can tell they love America by the masks. And guns.
No one ever thinks they are evil, right? It's always the Other guy.

Remember Benghazi?

If you don't follow politics, specifically the state sponsored insanity that is the American Republican Party and its followers, you might not know what the heck is the significance of Benghazi. But rest assured, because neither do the Wingnuts who rage on about it. New Rule! If anyone you know brings up Benghazi in a sincere manner, de-friend them immediately. This belief is a touchstone for the insane Wingnut.
OMG! Employees of the American government died during a terrorist attack! What a conspiracy! What an outrage! Seriously, that's it. 4 folks, unfortunately, died during a terrorist attack on a CIA undercover base. But hey...
I'm not even blaming W. - shit went down, terrorism wise, in the years 1990 -2008. Lots of people died, unfortunately in all cases, and it's a damn shame. Do you hear the Wingnuts bleating about any of the above attacks? Of course not - know why?
He's "Black", don't ya know?

And awesome. Best President since Teddy.


All is forgiven, loser

I can't cast a stone - I don't know anyone who can. So who out there is throwing stones? Let's ask some questions!


American Jaysus

Old Jesus is what some wealthy holy roller says He is. He loves big cars, big houses, and big love for The Lord, amen!
And then instead of a cross as the main religious symbol, it could have been a handgun. Cuz Jesus loves handguns!
I'll admit to being a Godless Atheist and wishing for the end of Christian civilization, especially if the Christians are American Snake Handlers and other assorted crazy con men, and women. Big Bang bless America.


Thrall to a system

This is a terrible joke, and I apologize.
Have you heard about this? Read about this? Wolf Blitzer (what a name!) played Celebrity Jeopardy a few years back and was terrible. He doesn't know anything, apparently. But then, you don't need to know anything to host a long running news program on CNN, the most trusted name in news.
Imagine a world where the most avowed Christians are also the most hateful people possible. What if - just asking questions here - what if Satan had actually taken over Christianity, and all Christians are really working on behalf of The Dark Lord?

Prosperity Gospel!


Let me play

Devils Advocate: Republicans are Satan's agents.
Satan, Lord of Chaos and Evil. And Irony.
Hipsters got everything on T-shirts.



Be of good cheer, fellow pilgrim! Everything that is bad in this world - including your bad deeds and thoughts - are because of Satan. It's His fault! You are blameless and innocent, created as the Lord Himself.  Now, leave a check or some twenties, or just swipe your card - St. Francis now accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Diner's Club cards.



From a certain point of view

The Devil's Ring. Not as pretty as advertised.
You've been swimming in lies since the day you were born, no fault of your own.
Like the Arabian Batman.
A new light upon the world.


Now we're even (we're never even)

Currently the tallest building in the world - the Burj! Which is the home of evil, of course, since it is not located in the USA (the very different UAE instead). And you know what must be done with evil, right?
Do chuckle, then ponder that for a significant minority of Americans this cartoon is entirely correct. Eye for an Eye, as they say in the Bible. What a book!
America! What a country.


Tower Truthers

Click for big, as always. Know the truth.

Learn to let go that which you fear to lose.


I forget

I'm too hip to watch TV, so I have no idea what the TV talked about today in regards 911. My sources on the Intertubes were remarkably muted. So muted I said to myself, "Redshirt, I think we're finally over 911 in some significant sense." Even the 911 jokes were kinda lame. As such!
A stylish 911 shirt.
Have some 911 candy! The nougat filling is made of irony.
Plenty of folks got 911 birthdays, and who could forget that? No one, never!

What I'll never forget is the way 911 was used by some in power to gain more power, and to engage in acts of empire. And get filthy rich. Never forget that, and the way the event is used to manipulate you. Laugh instead, even if you suffered tragedy. Because tragedy will always happen - it just happens, sometimes. It need not be a Kristallnacht. And so as I said before, I mock. I laugh. I post stupid jokes. Why not? The real terror is this reality.

To end with perhaps an actual funny joke, click below - but beware! Boobies.


My Sharia!

Ah, freedom. Of speech - of the right for stupid people to think and say horrid things.
Of course, there were dozens of Muslim victims of the 911 attacks, but let us forget that and instead worry about:
SHARIA! We don't know what the hell it means, but if the MOOSLIMS are a'for it, we're 'agin it! Fun fact! A few southern states have passed laws banning Sharia. Whatever that means.

Imagine not living in America, maybe say instead, for example, you are a Muslim living in Turkey. And you see these protests on your TV. You must think, "America! What a country! Truly, the land of the free and home of the brave."


Let the hate flow through you

It reassures me, in some small ways, that crazy right wingers have always been part of America. They've always been filled with hate of the Other  - whomever the Other of the day happens to be. They are used by their hate and their fear as a political bloc by the rich and powerful to fight any Progressive action in America. And they mostly lose - even today.

Alas, today they have dedicated TV and radio channels spewing their poison 24/7, and so it seems like their influence is large. And it is, in compared to the past. But they are still a small minority of people, no matter how loud they scream.

Push back. Counter hate with love, lies with truth, insanity with logic. Be patient. Use the Force.


A New Hope

An apt image that neatly captures today's political dynamics in America. On the one hand, you have the lock-step Authoritarians of the Right who will back anything and everything their leaders tell them to back - even if it contradicts what they were told to support the day before. And you have "Liberals", who could best be described as a herd of cats. A great concept and I celebrate the freedom of choice, but when it comes to the blood sport of team Politics, Liberals suck. Witness the myriad assaults on Obama from the Left - they're legion.

If we are going to fall into true Empire, all it will take is a persuasive Conservative at this point. Thankfully, none appear on the immediate horizon, as they're all insane.


If you only knew

Vader couldn't do the Force lightning, for obvious reasons. The same reason Vader was a slave to the Emperor - with but a thought, the Emperor could crush Vader's suit, killing him instantly. That's why he must obey his Master.