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Hello Faithful Readers, you vast multitudes, you teeming swarms...

I know you all must be disappointed with my recent stretch of absences -- sorry. Family matters have taken over my life, and until they are resolved, I won't have much time for this site of Laments.

But, I know you all come here for all news involving Admiral Ackbar and his various dispensations of wisdom. So, here you are.


Just Say No

I don't really believe that the idea of "Just say no" can help anyone; that said, take it from me: The dangers of prescription drug addiction cannot be overstated.

There are no doubt millions of Americans and even other people (possibly in France) that are secretly harboring drug addiction stemming only from prescribed or OTC medication -- no "street" drugs necessary.

Easy enough trap to fall in, it seems, since it appears that's where our medical system has taken people: All your problems can be solved by this pill. or this pill. and this pill. And here's some more pills.

Pills. Everywhere. Answers, nowhere.

God speed.


Welcome to the Palindrome

Here it is - the seat of power from whence child emerged to lead the Republican Party ever closer to the Glories of God and His Lobbyists....

Also, even though he was going to lose anyways, here is where McCain - and the media - realize, the gig's up.

Watch for more desperation!