Remember the Titans

Titan = not just another Ice Moon.

Stunning doesn't do it justice.
That's Dione, FYI.


So much light

4, yes. And here?
Each speck a galaxy, some nearly as old as the universe, hundreds of billions of them, all looking something like
Each galaxy containing billions of stars, and each star powered by fusion - the collision of atoms which produces just about everything.

Some of this we call light, and bless it with sight, and are defined by it.


4 Lights!

I apologize for the last post. Let's forget it ever happened.

Oh, and Happy Belated Captain Picard Day!

Make it so, yo.


X RATED JAR JAR (rule 34)

As a reminder, Rule 34 of the Internet states: If something exists, there is porn of it on the Internet.

As such, if you dare - 18 Years and Older Only! - click below this link.

Really, by clicking this link, you agree to the mental scarification which will surely follow.

Click only if you dare.

Last chance....


Behind the mask

Boba Fett was an accountant for ten years before a deal went bad and he was forced to take up the rough and tumble life of bounty hunting.

Through it all, his ledger remained black.


The Long Con

Heed my warning, and heed it well: The Con is spreading. ComicCon, where people dress up like comic characters. It's spreading more and more into the real world and I bet soon enough you will see a Stormtrooper or Boba Fett or a Wookie family celebrating Life Day.
Happy Life Day!



Head Canon

"Head Canon" refers to the creation of an alternate universe of fictional characters that exists only in your head. Sometimes this hews close to the original work of fiction (for example, instead of the Emperor dying at the end of Jedi, in my "head canon", he lives), or sometimes is dramatically different.

Such as the wedding of Mrs. Doubtifre and Boba Fett, officiated by Batman.


Who knows. Just roll with it - it's the Internet, Danny.


Never, Never

Forever young and in love (except in the prenup).
I hope there were pirates at the open bar.


Till Death

A more accurate version of nerd love. Isn't it sweet? Having the proposal in the comic book store ensures you'll remember it forever.