Florida the horrible

Florida is a monster, in many ways. One of which is: It's only made for a colder world. If the sea rises too high, Florida ceases to be. And so it shall happen, soon enough. Woe approaches, Floridians.
Some scary skinheads from Florida. You get enough scary skinheads together and gosh! You've got a movement!
Check out giraffe man, from Florida! They helpfully put everyone's mug shot on the internet, for the lulz.

It's a cruel, cruel Summer.


Connecticut, O Connecticut

For shame, Connecticut. For shame. Are you not of New England? Do you not understand our allegiance?
W is for victory! An amazing 21st century turnaround for the Boston Red Sox. 86 years of frustration wiped clean by 12 years of Championships. The Curse has become the douchebag fan that everyone hates.
Sully! Murph! We rule!


The Elephant in the Country

So true. You start thinking for yourself, and you find only trouble. Better to just let the Preacher do the thinking for you. Vote Republican!
I like bashing the South as much as anyone, but it must be noted that these numbers (and so many more) are influenced by the deplorable conditions many African Americans find themselves in Southern states - all run by racist whites, of course. But these same deplorable trends affect poor whites too, but hey, vote Republican!
Think how warped and twisted you have to be to get so angry over the possibility of high speed rail. I'LL NEVER GET ON A TRAIN OBAMA!!!

These poor whites who vote - who live - Republican have been so bamboozled, so brainwashed by the dual poison of Religion and Racism that they will cut off their nose - Gladly! - as long as it means black folk will suffer too. That's their mindset, and what we're up against - a legion of angry, deluded white people manipulated by some greedy billionaires. Vote Republican! 


Rebel Patriots

Real Americans support the Confederacy.
Pure Americans support the Confederacy.
There's no irony south of the imaginary Mason Dixon line.


Their Fevered Swamp

In their minds, warped and twisted by at least three decades of propaganda, this is Barack Hussein Obama. The Antichrist. A Muslim. A Kenyan. A Homosexual. A Ni-CLANG. They can't stand him. Who's they?
Here's a Freeper - a member of Free Republic. Old. White. Racist. Angry. Armed. This man did not make the work of "art" above, but he no doubt agrees with it. And this.
Check this logic: The Republicans force the Government to shut down. When unpaid but still working Park Rangers try and close National Parks and other resources, they (via Fox) got outraged, and some Congressional crazies staged a sit in with some geezers at the WW2 memorial.
Just flying the Swastika cuz Barack Hussein Obama is such a NAZI. First (and implied Second) Ammendment! Another Freeper.
They still love Sarah - and they know Liberals just make fun of her because they're scared of her. The "Appeal to Heaven" flag is another Revolutionary flag that the Tea Baggers are appropriating. You can guess the meaning - OBAMA BAD!!! DEMOCRATS BAD!!! LIBERALS BAD!!!
Health insurance for the poor is clearly just like 1939 Germany. Well said, Freedom Fighter.


It drives them insane

Lovely photo of the First Family having dinner at the Kremlin. This sweet picture also drives a not insignificant percentage of Americans insane with rage. LOOK HOW ARROGANT!!!
A lovely photo of young Barry as pirate and young Mom Ann. Consider the ultimate "American Dream" aspect of this photo, as this was not a rich family, or a powerful family, but just one of the new American families - international, open, tolerant.
And this of course drives the Tea Baggers insane. MUSLIM! KENYAN! BIRTH CERTIFICATE! They're filled with hate, spewing with anger, all the while claiming a mantle of Christians. As REAL AMERICANS.
From the Right Wing Internet hive mind. This came out before the 2012 election and claims Obama's mom did porno. It's not true, of course, but what does truth matter to a Tea Bagger? Only hate matters. Only defeating the Other. And yes, this is now a belief among the 27%ers, the utterly mad. A poison in the body politic.


Miss me yetter?

Oh, remember those grand times! The insane and evil in charge of the country, running us into ruin while gloating, strutting, and tut-tutting any who would dare speak against them.
But even the hug of W. wasn't enough to grant John McCain the blessing of Jesus to win the Presidency and lead the Christian nation of America.
Fucking sweet moment in history, right here.
Goodbye, Wingnuts. Your time is over, and we are all the worse for your actions.


Sense of his soul

As you might recall in long ago history, W. was the President of the US of A and was awesome. He was also total bro's with Vladimir Putin, and thus brought peace between the USSR and America. And he did it with the power of being Born Again. W. on Putin:
“I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.”
You see, once you get a sense of someone's soul, you're best buds, and will totally exchange information regarding TERROR.


Save us, Vladimir!

Consider this level of insanity: The denizens of Free Republic - noted Rightwing discussion board - have gone so far around the bend that they now actively long for the tender rule of Vladimir Putin as opposed to That One.

Behold: How Screwed up is it?

Indeed. Very screwed up when you realize these Freepers are the former Cold Warriors of the 80's and earlier. The haters of Commies. The Freedom Fighters of America! St. Ronald Reagan's Raiders!
You younger folk might not remember the Cold War, but boy howdy do I, and these same guys back then. WOLVERINES! And now, NOW! They talk about moving to Russia to escape the tyranny of That One.

Insane. A choice quote, one of many:

I agree with you. I hate that SOB more than you know. Though maybe you like Putin more because he’s everything our Faux president is not.Though I never would have expected a dictator to be running things in the United States so soon.
24 posted on 10/03/2013 4:45:22 AM PDT by puppypusher (The World is going to the dogs.)

They just want to be ruled by the, Right dictator.


Everyone's a Winnah!

Don't let the awesomeness blind you - Obama is incredible beyond words. Look at the kids all captivated!
Poor bears, so uninformed. Listen - are you a millionaire? Do you have industrial concerns? No? Then don't vote Republican, for any reason.


Bear Crimes

Bears aren't all picnic baskets and hilarious dancing. They often don't know "No" means "No".
Polar bears are drunk most of the time, and why not? All the ice is melting, and they're dying for lack of hunting grounds. Might as well get trashed.
Damn the consequences! At least today.

You wouldn't like me

You can see what would happen in a Grizzly v. Hulk fight.

Grizzly v. Gorilla is a better match - this weekend on pay-per-view, by the by. I've got 10,000 Reagans on the bear.


Beware the Bears

Don't kid yourself. Bears walk among us, and steal our dumpsters on a regular basis. No one will admit it, but, look for yourself! Bear thievery!


We're Not Doomed (today and for the next few months at least)!

Suck it Teabags. Your attempt to destroy the world and usher in a thousand years of Republican Jesus failed (this time!). Try again in about 6-9 months, if you would, so we can properly remove your sorry asses from the US House of Representatives, and restore a measure of sanity to America, and the World.

Also, have a tree full of baby bears:
Ah, bear picking season. Best part of the Fall. The best part of WINNING!


While Rome Burns

So we learn how Empires fall - by stupid people getting power, and being stupid. And thus today's American political scene: A bear ballet, dreamed up by Homer.

Which, like the nifty political drama for the Junkie, is funny! If not tragic.



Lesbian Homer is still 50% better than Heteronormal Homer. Who is a monster.
Heroin Homer, however, is not cool at all. For shame! Don't listen to this cartoon character, drug people!


Nuke the Whales

I am comforted, in some small way, by the fact that the Crazies have always been part of American politics. They just used to be shunned, and now they're in charge of the Republican Party. But that can change - that will change if the public and media hold them accountable for their insanity. Maybe?

Till then, Nuke Everything.


Food and Peace

Fret not, citizen! The nuclear reaction constrains itself...
We're all turning Mullah, obviously.
The atom is the root of us all. Can you deny it?

Our Friend the Atom

Let us follow the human understanding of the Atom. Ja, man?
Here's all the conditions upon the Earth. What happens to minerals exposed to such?
Primary colors.