Gentlemen of the New Generation

I know, for a fact, that every generation bitched about the younger one, for as long as there've been people around to bitch about youngin's, to time immemorial. And for sooth, I am now old, and don't understand some of these young folk ways. But still - I detect a breakdown in the social fabric.
Yobs with no sense of self or purpose or perhaps even physical self - Gameboy Generation - so the world is a unending parade of failed expectations.

But what about the gals? What's in it for them?

You know it's Love when

You're willing to take the shirt off your pregnant belly for an Olan Mills soft focus shot. That's commitment, man. True Love, and I'm sure everything worked out great for these kids, and their new kid.

Floating Boats

The (in)famous pregnant man. I say go for it Brother - I am firmly in the "Float Your Boat" school, as long as your boat isn't bombing someone else's. It is 2011 for crying out loud (COL)!


Mr. Sikh 2008

Here he is, ladies. Beware, though, he's got a dagger on him, somewhere...

Also, too, remember this lady?
Beauty pageants, aka "life".

Allah's got a turbine engine

And Mohammed was his Mechanic.

A Mid Life Nerd Crisis

The Chrysler Turbine Car, 55 of which were manufactured in Detroit in 1963. The car could run on almost any fuel, including, as I have just learned, tequila. Read here. As you'll also read in the Wiki, the car was shown at the awesome 1964 World's Fair.

My theory, based on nothing but my own speculation with no research: The CTC was the direct inspiration for this most awesome of cars:
Now, of course, the Batmobile (1966) is waaaaaay cooler. But you can see the resemblance in the rear, in the fins, and of course the gas turbine engine.

If'n I were one of them rich as Croesus Dot.Com UberNerds I'd take a stab at buying the Batmobile right about now, or at least building a replica. Then I'd be happy, for sure. Cuz everyone knows once you have the coolest car, you win. Game over, man.

If I also owned the "Han Frozen in Carbonite" sculpture I could truly proclaim myself KING OF THE NERDS.

But of course, that wouldn't be enough, would it? There'd always be some other ironic yet awesome collectible out there to obtain, or stop someone else from obtaining, because that's all this life really is, right? A neverending game? You'll never know the rules or the score or even the team colors, but you'll play all the same. What choice do you have? It's that or "Price is Right" Loser Music as you exit, stage left. And we shan't have that, amirite?


Time to prepare

So, there's a running super inside nerd joke regarding Batman, one that the various writers of the many Batman stories are in on: If given enough time to prepare, Batman can and will defeat any opponent. Any. Superman? No problem. Jesus? Sure. Robo-Jesus? HE'D FIND A WAY!

The point being, I take it, is that Batman's real power is his mind, and will, and ability to analyze a situation and best exploit it. A human power, in other words, rather than super powers.

He's still super, though. So don't kid yourselves, kids: Just putting on a mask will not grant you super-detective powers. Nor protect you from a charging bull.

Spot quiz: How would you deal with being caught with a bull in fairly tight quarters? You have time to prepare, so maybe you should think about it for a bit, before it happens to you (for ex: traveling through Europe, new age style - talking/texting on your iPhone - you mistakenly amble into Pamplona, full of bulls).

Also, too?
This guy's ready for a bull.


The Courtship of Bob "The Bat" Batarski

Bob Batarski, Class of 1984. A shop kid, Bob wasn't what you'd call "destined for great things", but he could fix any Ford engine laid before him. Considering, for example, the Pinto, this could be considered a "great thing", yeah?
Drunk on watermelon on a warm Summer day, anything could happen and sometimes a moment leads to a lifetime of commitment (or imprisonment).

Like with most things in this world, Bob likes it upside down.

Warning! Animal Anatomy ahoy! Only click through if you are prepared to see Bob laid out quite revealingly...


A Different Future

But if one cartoon butterfly flaps her wings over a storybook licorice meadow, presto whammo! Anime future, where we humans evolve into characters from a Pokemon card deck, or some such - I don't know. I'm too old for these games, these new memes (just new spins on the same old same old, as all things are). I know the young folks like 'em, and so here's to you, distracted youth of the future!

Goth kids go and ruin everything. Truly - click for big on this pic and behold the horrors. I wish I could attribute it properly to the artist, but alas, no idea. And really, even if I remembered the "person" who created it, would attributing it to "BlackAngle11" or whatever silly internet "handle" you want to make up on some Internet discussion board really mean anything anyways? The future is anonymous and absurd.


In the Year 5150 (circa)

One of so many wonderful drawings from the book "Man after Man" by Dougal Dixon. Behold for yourself, here. Or, read the Wiki. To wit: A Scottish geologist wonders what man will evolve into over the many, many years to come. Pure speculation of course, but wow, is it wacky. If you're a fan of weird, morbid, art, like Edward Gorey, perhaps, you've got to check it out. Another photo:
This is all the height of lunacy, of course, since everyone knows Jesus will end the world this May 11th, so any future evolution - as if there were even such a thing! - has no chance to turn men into giant solar panel fatasses.


Wee in the land of Giants

Here's a nice pic of the then tallest and shortest men in the world. The short guy died shortly thereafter, however. As do many extremely wee fellows, like this bloke:
Nelson de la Rosa, or as otherwise known, Little Pedro. Past tense now, sadly. Pedro brought him along during the Sox's historic 2004 run as his personal good luck charm. Now that's a posse in full effect.


Posse's in effect

He's got a Posse, don't you know? I hope you do. A cool sticker meme from the early 90's, continuing today.
I saw my first one in Albuquerque, I think. Long time ago. I later went to a party at the artist's - Shepard Fairey - awesome loft in Providence RI, but got stranded, then there was a big snowstorm, and I had no money, and it was a long time getting back to Boston.

The meme has mutated, of course, as they always will, and has become much bigger than the humble sticker above.
But anyway, few could stand against Andre, being such a giant and all, and with said posse. Even The Greatest quakes in fear:


LOL Forever

Little Old Ladies forever! Except, of course, not. But it is true - women live far longer than men on average. Due in part, no doubt, on the tendency of men to engage in risky, dangerous behavior. Like watching Arnold movies. I recommend "Red Heat", for a bold and insightful take on Cold War tensions played out on the gritty streets of a very 80's Chicago. Also featuring the Lesser Belushi.


Memories of Pumas Past

Remember Hillary V. Barack? Good times. Nerve wracking - I've never followed politics that intently before. Twas my sport and obsession. Just for the record, I still love President Obama, and think he's doing a fantastic job. Don't agree with every decision that has happened, but I trust him, completely, so I don't worry about it. That may sound naive, but I've been SO impressed by everything I know about Barack Hussein Obama that I simply have faith in his leadership abilities, and don't see the point nor feel the need to second guess him. I'd place any blame far elsewhere: Blue Dogs, the Senate, the House, the American people (27% of them on average), and of course, the true villain of the times, the Repuglican Party. Feel to mock me as some brainwashed Obot. I don't care - I know I'm right.

Anyways, I wonder if this lady - if still alive - is fervently anti-Obama these days. Many Pumas morphed into this weird coalition of Tea Bag Lites, Liberal version. I don't care to understand, really, since the only reason she could be anti-Obama is because of race, and that's boring. Hateful and sadly so predictable. Let's move on.

Did you know more women than men smoke in the US of A? Also, that more women go to college than men these days? By a sizable percentage. I'm all for it, since I hope I live long enough to see the day when women take their rightful place as leaders of all human societies - as it should be. Men cannot be trusted, and should only serve as manual labor or studs on the farm - the typical role in most mammal societies. I mean, look at the evidence! Men are the perpetrators of what, 98% of all the war and destruction and crime rained down upon our species, for its entire existence? The verdict is easy: GUILTY!


Amazon Women on the Barricades

This is a test shot from the original Wonder Woman TV show  - wonder why they didn't go with this outfit?
 Another test shot - closer to the mark. Wonder Woman of course was an Amazon princess somehow transported to modern times, and used her magic bracelets and lasso to fight crime. For some reason. Did you know the real Amazons are theorized to come from modern day Ukraine? Then called Sarmatia, up the road from Scythia. Lots of cool myths, half legends, conjecture, and maybe some fact. Read here.

I was thinking - as is my wont - that the gender equality we've created in America (not yet perfect, but getting closer all the time) sure is a double edged sword. Work sucks, and I suppose if trends continue, women will be fighting in the Empire's wars as often as men. Is this a good thing? Shouldn't we strive to hold onto a reliable, large group of people who are usually steadfastly for peace? Rather than raising more warriors?

Also, since I'm turning super Marxist, I tend to think of everything political these days from the perspective of "how will it benefit the ultra-fat cats?" The fat cats only want a few things: Power, money, and more of each please. More money is always a goal, and one way to do this is to pay as little as possible for labor. Slavery is the best (free!), but hard to maintain these days. So the goal then is to get as close to slavery while maintaining the illusion of freedom. Sounds like the last 30 years of American politics, right?

So, be careful what you wish for ladies. Equality is great, but with it comes a different type of oppression at the hands of The Man. 

The answer is Unions, of course. People power. All the people - since, as soon as some people accept that other people aren't as good as them, or don't deserve something they do, etc, The Man will use this division amongst the Peoples and deploy the age old divide and conquer strategy, which I think almost always works. Alas.


Every Cigar Has Its Season

For freedom, man.

I think this is Meta enough.

Symbols, Reclaimed

More symbols - that's really all we're ever dealing with, at all levels.

The NAZI's genocide against the Jewish people is perhaps the greatest crime in the history of the world. For sure, there have been plenty of other genocides, throughout all of history, in every corner. It was fairly common way back in the day, on the small scales of humanity then. America is the perpetrator of several genocides, main among them the extermination of most of the Native tribes unlucky enough to get in the way. But no other genocide compares to the NAZI's, which were conducted with such lethal precision and who's motivation was such pure, psychotic hate.

Most genocides result because of groups coming into conflict over whatever - land, food, water, women, power, etc - and one side decisively winning - that is, completely eliminating the other side, be it tribe, people, kingdom, etc. But the NAZI's were motivated only by hate (and power, of course), and used all the Science of their day in their systematic, deliberate efforts at not only killing all the Jewish people in the world, but as many other ethnic groups/"deviants" as they could, in the name of eugenics, or "social darwinism". Purifying the species as an explanation - disturbing on many levels. And a reality I fear we'll be facing soon again, with the genetic engineering of children.

So, who could blame Jewish people, and specifically the Israelis, for being prepared for all manner of shit? And given the location and history of Israel, this reasoning is even more pronounced.  But yet, like Nietzsche said, I paraphrase, be careful when fighting monsters that you do not turn into one and the same.

And I think pretty clearly Israel has been taken over by the same crazy neo-con forces that do so much damage in America, aligned with the Born Again Rapturists who love Israel only in as much as it will be destroyed to bring back THE LAWD, and they're a good agent. I love my Hebrew Brothers and Sisters, man, but I won't ever defend any country unilaterally, especially when they're doing evil deeds. I'll call out America for all the bad she does and has done; one must do the same for Israel, who's treatment of the Palestinians is shameful. Apartheid is what it is, and there's never justification for it in the 21st century. I know many in Israel itself oppose the country's actions, but Netanyahu and the gang are quite clear in their purposes: Keep the Palestinians down at all costs.

Vote them out, Israel!

It's ironic, in many ways, since we live in a more "civilized" age, the Israeli - Palestinian issue would not have existed 100 years ago, or any time before that, since the dominant Israelis would have simply wiped out or forcibly moved the defeated Palestinians, and such, there'd be no current issues. But we have higher standards since WW2, don't we? Since the NAZI's.

And that's something we have to hold onto, something I fear we're letting slip away with the passing of the so called "Greatest Generation". We're forgetting the true horrors unleashed with all the power of Science at its disposal. It could be so much, much worse today. "Never Forget" really does mean something very important, but it's a lesson offered from an old man to a cocky teenager, and what are the odds they'll care? Or even hear you?  No, I fear we're going to have to learn those lessons all over again, if we haven't already started.

But anyways, every lifeform has a right to defend itself - this is one of the driving forces of evolution, after all. And while I wish we could dispense with labels of "country" and "ethnicity" or "anything" other than human and live as one, in harmony and peace - that doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon. And so every country has a right to defend its citizens from violent attack. But in so defending, a line must always be remembered and obeyed, and that is the line separating you from hero and monster. Once you cross it, there's no justification for your deeds.

In the spirit of honorable defense, I give you some ladies of the IDF:

Think of it, lazy American youth: Forced service.

Symbols, Ruined

Where do you draw the line between co-incidence and intent?
Utah is NOT to be trusted.
Remember "The Theosophical Society"? Me neither. Wikipedia does though.
The swastika is one of the oldest symbols used by mankind. This is the Samarra Bowl, dated circa 4000BCE.
The swastika was a Native American symbol long before the White Devil showed up from the East. Here's the Proto-Lakers, 1909. The symbol was  quite popular as a good luck charm in the Western world pre-1935 or so. Ruined, by that nasty ass Hitler and his master propagandists. Don't ever underestimate the power of propaganda.
Did you know about this? Read about this? Prior to WW2, American kids gave the old "Roman Salute" to the American flag before class. This sign of allegiance, as suggested by the name, goes back directly to the Romans. Makes sense, right? It's pretty basic. Another symbol ruined by Hitler - truly, perhaps, the greatest monster in mankind's history. And not just for the body count, though that of course is big stone. But rather the cold calculation of it all. 

We are right to be afraid of this - science used in the pursuit of power and control - but I fear it's inevitable.

Liberal media. Washington Post story blurb - they could have chose any picture, right? But they chose a random hand gesture to make it appear Chancellor Merkel is giving the old Sieg Heil. She wasn't, but gosh, here's some proof otherwise.

Hitler Hilarities

I've read it. Don't bother. Boring!
 What kind of parent would dress their kid up as Hitler? Ironic Hipsters, I bet.


A Mustache, Ruined

For shame, one man can ruin a mustache for everyone (save the insane and/or depraved). That area is hard to shave, and it's not like Hitler invented it, or the mustache had anything to do with his horrible deeds. The mustache is innocent! And yet, it suffers the consequences of Hitler's evil doings. 

Also, bar codes. Pretty evil too, am I right?

Also also: Art is amazing in its power to convey so much with so little - it's our brain that does the heavy lifting. Here, red, white, and black in a few simple lines and all is revealed. Symbols, man.


Shoot us both

If you're ever put on the spot, don't forget: Facial hair = EVIL.


What's Logic Got To Do With It?

"Dividing the Union is Illogical" by Dave Miles. 

Logic is hard work, however, and who likes that? Easier to give in, slide down, fall ever further towards the LCD. Blame the Other instead of thee.


Eyes on the Enterprise

I know now I'm getting old. As if by magic, suddenly everything from the 70's, 80's, and even the 90's looks beautiful to me. I mean, look at those suits! Look at Roddenberry - big Trek pimpin'. Bones is all "Far out, cat". And surely, a sudden fondness for things you once loathed is a sign of advancing years. It's biochemical, no doubt.

Also, too: Pour one out for the shuttle Enterprise. It never flew in space, and was indeed named the Enterprise due to Trekkies writing letters to President Ford. The power of Trekkies was once potent, but has now been dispersed across the great Internet. 

Also, also:
It's on my Registry.
Egads. Back boob tattoo (album name?), and since I doubt you'll ever guess who these representations are, let me tell you: Data, and two nobodies (Trip and Reed!). I pity the fool who got this on his back - the LASER removal must have been very painful.