On the verge

This is beautiful Europa, moon of Jupiter, King of Planets. Like Enceladus, Europa's surface is frozen water ice, covering a deep liquid water ocean. However, unlike Enceladus, it does not appear to have any water volcanoes or other vents. No one knows for sure yet how thick this ice surface is - estimates range from a few miles to hundreds of miles. It's likely, in my opinion, that it's 9 miles thick. Approx.

I say this with confidence due to the discoloration on the surface - all that brown. What could that be? Once again, in my opinion - certainly not confirmed! - this is in fact life. 

Consider it for a moment, a "what if", if you will: What if you were looking at alien life on a foreign world, right here:

A close up of the surface - looks like veins, eh? And perhaps, metaphorically, it is, with life welling up from the ocean below and filling these cracks in the ice surface.

Again, this is only my thesis, but I am confident it will ultimately be proven correct (20 years from now?). And this is our next step, is it not? To join a solar system, a galaxy, a Universe of Life? To solve this grand mystery together?

Or to blast these aliens with the biggest lasers we can weild.

Regardless, consider it for a moment, evaluate what if this were true - this was actual, living Life, on Europa. What could be lurking in the warm ocean below?

And thus, we are on the verge of two momentous discoveries that when considered together will reveal a Universe teeming with Life: The first is the discovery of Earth-like planets around other stars, referenced below. The second, the discovery of alien (that is, of a 100% different genetic structure yet still "alive") life - even if it be rusty red microbes scraping a living on the underside of a giant Ice moon.

When I consider this, and all of the other wonders of our Reality that have been revealed to us via Science over the past 100 years, and the discoveries we are soon to make, I realize we are living in a golden age of human history, an epic moment of rapid evolution.  We are blessed to be living right now.

In my younger days, however, I thought the discovery of even microbial life on another planet would be enough to usher in a revolution in human kind. Alas, this past 20 years, 30 really, watching the Crazification of America, and thus the world, due to the evil workings of the vile Repuglicans and their enthralled minions, I've come to realize there is no fact that cannot be ignored, no Truth that cannot be denied. Indeed, it is entirely possible and perhaps even more likely to create a fantasy world, and live in that instead.

And so, sadly, for the majority perhaps, IF that were life in the surface ice of Europa, they'd shrug, if they even heard about it at all. I mean, is there really any lasting drama the 24-7 news entertainment industry can milk about this story? Nope. Any way to pin it negatively to Obama or the Democratic party or the Progressive mindset in general? Nope.

Thus, a blurb on page 11 of USA Today, then back to the latest Wingnut Poutrage.


Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your thoughts and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Norman

Redshirt said...

Thanks for the kind words, Norman. Glad you're enjoying it. It's always nice to find out someone else out there has the same crazy interests (at least some of the same) as I do.


veralynn said...


l.e.s.ter said...

But really, are those attitudes all that different than the ones that greeted the first knowledge that we might not be the center of the universe? Compared to the treatment of Galileo and Copernicus, these are enlightened times.

Redshirt said...


We're on the verge of darker times though - in Virginny, for example, the new Governor had the DA looking into a college professor at UV, simply because of his work on global warming.

If the Wingnuts ever do take charge, we'll be living in "Thundaar The Barbarian" times shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

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