Even in the Promised Land

Even in the deepest depths of Bluest America, you find these Morans - have you ever noticed how many spelling errors they have in their nonsensical signs? Home schooling at work, I suppose.

Have you had enough yet, impoverished Tea Partier? Think White Daddy Republican's gonna make your life all better?

I wish I could somehow talk to each of these people, one by one, and show them some simple facts. For instance, did you know the only major "western" nation not to celebrate May Day (we do Labor Day instead) is the USA, even though the events of May Day happened in America (the Haymarket Massacre). Do you know what they were fighting for back then? The 8 hour work day.

I know I am thankful!

What a masterful trick, the Plutocrats of America have pulled - blue collar slobs like above will actively fight against their own interests, on behalf of the Plutocrats. And be angry about it!

I'll add this observation to the file labeled "We're already in Hell".


veralynn said...

it really is sad and depressing that they work against their own interests...but they are passionate morans. and who needs spell check? other than me.....and I still screw up typing.

I don't know that you could talk to them. They have deep seeded beliefs. As a southerner I can tell you it is institutional. People have always been this way. Unless and until it touches their lives directly, they can't grasp it. Of course, by then it's too late.

Redshirt said...

Even when it touches their lives directly - i.e. this current economic situation - some of them still don't grasp it.

If it could somehow be pointed out to them that they are in fact working on behalf of the very interests that have negatively impacted their life, perhaps they would see the light.