True Love

FW:FW:FW: this to all your Aunts on Facebook! This lucky frog hit the jackpot - true love exists!

Sincerely, I'd marry for money in a heartbeat, because it would be true love - I'd love the money.


Date Night

Roger and girlfriend from Canada at Roger's favorite game store.
Later, for dinner. Check out this fancy spread!



Our Nerd Lord is a trinity of Nerdly Nerds, though this trinity is of course but One True Nerd.
Accept our offering of cheeseburger and french fry pizza, O Nerd Lord.




Funny album covers is a particularly target rich subject, so I shan't overdwell on the matter, but I love this one specifically for the perfect distallation of a late 70's/early 80's fashion. The perm. Especially the perm. The big glasses, big earrings, terrible clothes and colors, and just utter lack of taste. It's marvelous. What the hell were people thinking?


Holy Sounds

Pope Urban gives the latest release from Christian Crusaders 9 out of 10 crosses, calling it "Like a musical tour of the Holy Lands" and "Better than an Indulgence".


Scripture's just another word for words

This book really helped me out Freshmen year of High School. Getting the locker open from the inside sometimes took a miracle.
But it was this book that really helped me to know God, using clear and simple language to explain things like everlasting Hellfire.

Thanks, books!


Fear thy Lord

As everyone knows, man is inherently evil, and it is only the fear of eternal damnation and the teaching of this damnation that keeps humanity from descending into total barbarism.
Remember! God is love.


Ukraine's Choice

The choice seems pretty simple, Ukraine. The bigger question concerns your hair style.


In Kievan Rus

Fun fact to know and share: The Russian state was the creation of a Swedish Viking upper class ruling over a feudal population of Slavs. Check it out on the Wiki: Kievan Rus.

Here's some OG Rus graffiti in the Hagia Sophia -  then, an awesome church in the Roman Empire.  You might know them as "The Byzantium Empire". It was just old Rome, really. But by the 9th century CE, they were using Kievan Rus Viking bodyguards. Another fun fact! Rome finally fell in the year 1453, if you reckon the fall of Constantinople as the end of the Roman Empire. Columbus "discovered" America in 1492 for reference. The same year Spain finally pushed Islam from Iberia. Fascinating stuff.

Oh, yeah, other Vikings (Danish, Norwegian) also helped create the modern states of France and England.

Makes you think, about Vikings, you know?


Russian party scene

The boys hang out with friends and have a few (hundred) drinks and
The girls go to glamorous roof parties with views to die for.

Russia! What a party!


In the hot seat

Da, warm up here by fire for bit, oh yes, that's nice, oh hi, Dmitry, you take picture? Say BEETS!


EU No More

Disney bought Lucasfilms a few years back now for a cool 4 Bill, and said they're making more Star Wars movies. I'm excited, but I'm a nerd. But not the nerdiest of the Star Wars nerds, by far. For example, I own no toys or costumes.

I do own a few books, they're fun and light and exactly what you think they are. Sci-fi fluff in the Star Wars universe.

But alas! These books created CANON - that is, the history of a fictional universe - and the nerds live in this CANNON and every word of it is truth.

So, when Disney said they were discarding all previous Star Wars CANON other than what has appeared in the films, the hard core nerds freaked out. OUTRAGE! STAR WARS IS DEAD! Really, it's hilarious.

As, above, a nerd prepares to burn some of his EU (Extended Universe - CANON) books (I'm sure he has hundreds more).  Hurts so good.


Happy Whatever Day!

Since no one actually knows what Cinco de Mayo is about other than "Mexico" and "Partying", I'll say Happy Whatever Day! It's always good to have a theme and a reason, even if they don't mean much in reality.

FYI, the party above, here, was last year. Alas.
Obi Juan was there, of course.


May the Fourth be with you

As a sign of nerds ever increasing power in society, we now have the mainstream acknowledgment of May 4th as "Star Wars Day", due to the pun "May the 4th be with you". Haha, right?

So, add it to your calendars, folks. Picard Day is coming up in June, and Sagan Day is in November.

Any other nerd days of note? I'm sure I'm missing some.


Support the Chancellor

Found here: Feinobi

I can't vouch for anything else because I haven't looked, but this is wicked cool. Never forget, as Star Wars teaches us, that Palpatine got elected to office, and took "legal" steps every single way towards his goal of total power. Same with Hitler! He was duly elected to every post on his path to power, and used "Emergency Powers" towards the end game.

Hint: It's always "Emergency Powers" that does the trick. Thus, never trust anyone asking for that power.


A vote for A.D.

A.D. Stephens just gets shit done.

Doin Thangs

We're all doin thangs, I suppose. Just some of us are doin way cooler thangs.


Music to Soothe

It's not widely known, but bears are captivated by the harp. If they hear one, they stop whatever it is they are doing and listen. Some bears are known to play the harp, as evidenced above.

Too bad it's impractical to bring a large harp with you on hikes in grizzly country - it's the perfect bear defense.