Say hello to Enceladus, a small moon of Saturn. Its outer crust is water ice, and as discovered by the Cassini probe, it is filled with, and gushing, water.

And not just water, but complex organics too. Cassini flew through these plumes, and measured the following:

So, right here on this small moon, are the three basic ingredients required for life: Heat, water (liquid), and minerals (fuel).

The water which escapes from Enceladus instantly freezes in space, and then goes into orbit around Saturn, forming the outermost ring of Saturn, the E-Ring, as pictured here:

The takeaway here is water is actually plentiful in space. In fact, Earth - the so called "waterworld" - is a dry, barren world in terms of total water content as compared to the moons and planets of the outer solar system.

And where's there water - liquid water - there could be life. And there is no doubt there is liquid water below the surface of Enceladus. Thus....

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