Goodbye 2008!

2008; what can be said? A pretty craptacular year, save for the emergence of Obama, which makes all the crap well worth it.

I have great hopes in 2009 and in the years to come, because of Obama. He's not a messiah, but he is a smart, wise, and thoughtful man who will bring sanity back to our world, and truly begin the 21st Century.


'Bout Time!

I've come to realize that I will never have a flying car, as so often promised to me in the 1970's;

I've come to accept this, and I'm OK with it.

However, in lieu of this flying car, AND my serene acceptance of lack of said flying car, I would like a rocket pack, similar to but not necessarily the same as, this one.

Thanks in advance!


White Males Suck!

Am I right? I mean c'mon, look at this guy!


We're all Shoe Throwers now

Huzzah to the Shoe Thrower, and I pray that his continued detention and torture does not lead to violence on the streets of Iraq;

Mr. Malaki: Release that Shoe Thrower!


Here's hoping Obama remembers all FSM's children at his Inauguration; FSM knows Rick Warren cannot cover them all.

And FSM wishes you all Happy Meaningless Days!



Pay to play, fucker!

And so we've begun the "Wingnuts chase Obama" game. I predicted Rezko, which is not done yet, but it was BLAGO! who came through.