Um, thanks?

Taken back at first by the garishness of it, President Johnson grew to love the chair during his term in office. By the third year he was holding staff meetings and visiting with foreign dignitaries in the Grizzly-Bear Chair.

The chair's whereabouts are currently unknown.


Come sit on me

Hello, I'm Clarence, the Pig Love Seat. I'd be ever so honored if you'd come and sit on me for a while.




Betty Sue's been sleeping in Bobby Lee's bed since they were both piglets, and teenage obesity ain't gonna change that.


Campus Wars

The front lines are fluid, dangerous, so many iPhones. Your training kicks in and you start spraying, real calm like, like the whole world is in slow motion and it's just you and this group of nonviolent protestors. You go with what you trained for: Macing and tazing.

Cuff the perps, live to fight tomorrow. That's how you survive on campus these days.


Armored Black Obstacles

If you're not fighting the Power, you're supporting it.

Do you? Are you?


Not a drill

Please note, this is not a NASA security guard.

Just some nerd playing dress up. Isn't it grand fun?


FREEDOM down the barrel of a gun

Fun fact to learn and share: FREEDOM literally comes from the barrel of a gun. Every time a gun is fired, FREEDOM emerges and gathers about us.

If we ban or restrict guns, we ban and restrict FREEDOM.

Don't you see? It's so simple.

The FOUNDING FATHERS knew this in their HEAVENLY SOULS, and gave us the SECOND AMENDMENT, praise JESUS.


Journalist of the Revolution

That's not Leo Tolstoy, but rather Glenn Beck, speaker of truths. I don't know why the Pony is there. But behold the truth about the so called "Democrats":
As you can clearly see.

Wake up people, it's time to act!
Um, no.
That's more like it!


Mint Condition

The hound is long past sell date, but some of those Ponies on the top shelf are still in the original packaging and worth a pretty penny, trust me.
Nerd approved! I'll buy everything.

Do you take bitcoin?


He Died as He Lived

Surrounded by My Little Pony merchandise. Egads!

But let us not forget the many other subgenres of nerds. Behold, the Warhammer model nerd:
It's the little joys that make our lives rewarding.



Mutation IS evolution

Adult MLP fans need to be rounded up and put into brainwashing camps, in order to cure them of this dread contagion. MLP!
What happens to MLP addicts. Don't let this happen to your kids. Stop the MLP.


Know the risks!

A nest of Waifu-sans, particularly thick. Nests like this originated in Japan but over the last 20 years have spread worldwide. There could be a nest in your town right now.

Infection begins with a young man's sexual frustrations channeled into a cartoon, the obsessive watching of which causes full display of the disease, with the purchase and association with a "Waifu", or Anime Pillow Wife. Once infection has reached this stage the victim will lose most contact with society and instead group with others similarly infected, forming nests.

Be on the lookout if your young son has taken an interest in anything Japanese, as that is the hallmark first sign of infection.


Implicit Patriot

Can you judge a book by its cover?

Consider in this case the cover is a Waifu pillow surrounded by dozens of high powered guns.

Nothing troubling about this, right?

Just Amendments 1 & 2 brah.


Loose Gang Affiliations

Both the Bloods and the Crips agree: Don't mess with "The Fucking Killas".

Hard core bangers from deep in the 'burb.