Nadir (Nay, Dear)

Boston City Hall Plaza, June 13, 2001 (before 9/11 changed everything). I did not take this picture, but I was at this rally - I challenge someone to name a more.. pitiful, abstract, and somehow wonderful rally.

Everyone was there because Ray Borque won the Stanley Cup playing for the Colorado Avalanche a few days earlier. Think of it - a rally for a dude on a different team. But consider the context - at this date, Boston had not won any title since 1986. So, all these poor sports fans were simply starved for something - anything, really - to celebrate. Now, I didn't really care about any of that - I was there because I worked right around the corner, a bunch of people from work were going, it was an awesome June day to skip out of work, and, really, I was in awe of the pitiful, pathetic nature of it all.

Sports - a charade, literally, our bread n' circus - stirs such primal, tribal feelings in people. It's religious in its fervor. I wanted to witness it, soak it all up, in person. Also, I wanted to see the Stanley Cup, mostly for the fascinating, totemistic qualities people have invested in it.

There's lessons there, future oppressors.

Also, look at all the white folks!

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