Still America

A life goal: Take anything and everything you are comfortable with and look at it from a completely different angle. Upside down, sideways, backwards, slanted, etc. Perspective is the most important lesson.
As far as I've read, there's some debate exactly when the Americas were founded by people. Remember that all people come from Africa, according to current theory, and thus traveled to Asia and on further to the Americas. Lots of walking! Perhaps boats were far better - two rival theories hold boat travel from Africa and Japan prior to land bridge via Alaska model. Who knows if we'll ever know for sure, but with better science and evidence, perhaps we'll get even closer to the truth.

In the meantime it doesn't matter as people will make up their own stories regardless. 


Free your mind

Norte Americana represent! We're all Americans over here, Adolf!
Joined in American unity. Amero's for all!
Bankers control the gay hammer smiths in communist America, yo.
This is Soviet agitprop, exploiting racial tensions in the 1930's American South - easy pickings!


But for Humanity's sake

Check this out in detail if you would. It's filled with amazing propaganda. Let it open your eyes to the seeming fact Republicans have been lying Imperialists since at least 1900. But it was not always so, right?
Honest Abe might be the only good Republican, ever. And he was basically the first. So, let's call it a fluke and accept the general evilness that is the Republican Party of these United State of America. And don't throw Teddy at me - he's in the poster above!

But so what, right? Both sides do it, and it's really the corporations and global elite who control both parties, and everything in this world.
Maybe? I do fear the MTV Goons from busting down my door. I'd be all like "NO! Why didn't you just keep playing music videos?! And video shows like 'Yo! MTV Raps'?!" As they bundled me off for Real World: Guantanamo.


America the Fantasy

Take a close look, behold the inner mind of a person living in multiple fantasies. Know that there are many people who think this is realistic art, depicting the founding of America. Christian America. White, but specifically, English. No Irish! Not sure about Scots. I assume they're OK. For who else to fight the English wars?
It's funny. I am afraid, today, of the Republican Party for their Orwellian impulses to total control - domestic spying, trumped up wars used for political purposes, doublespeak, etc, all the while using a cult like religion as the binding material - you wouldn't want to burn in Hell, would you? And yet here, in this art, you see a Wingnut's take on Orwell - the Liberal Nanny state, bent on total control through liberal agendas like peace and safety. It's ludicrous, though there's a point, I suppose. Authoritarians come in all kinds of different flavors. But one thing's clear about gun nuts, which this artist obviously is (or seeks to inspire), and that is
Your typical gun nut is a loser, scared of the world, of himself, and so he buys guns and swims in fear and is ready for the first attack, or so he thinks. Swimming in fear makes you jumpy, and error prone.

To wit: Despite attempts to create alternate realities (white Christian America defended with guns against the scary foreign hordes come to take all your stuff), there is such a thing as a more objective reality. One that can be agreed upon by a majority of folks. Here's the facts:

1. America was not founded as a Christian nation, though indeed many of the founding dudes were Christians, or - GASP! - Theists.
2. While America was very English/Scottish for the first 100 years or so, it quickly assimilated many immigrant populations such that even the Irish were welcomed to the cool kid's table.
3. Guns can be used for needed work, and sport. Owning an arsenal is not needed, and the possession of one marks the person as a lunatic.



The Future and The Past

Here it is! Every liberal gun grabber's nightmare: The printed gun. Open source, anyone can do it. That is, as long as you have access to a 3D printer and don't mind taking the risk that the first shot will blow up in your face. But those are just kinks, which will be worked out of the system. In short order, we'll all be able to print armories of guns, every day. Then, we shall truly know freedom, as taught to us from the past:
It was guns that allowed Washington to defeat the zombie British and found America!
It was a Mecha suit, with lots of guns, that allowed FDR to defeat the Axis and conquer the world!
And even so, it was guns that got Slick Willie a hummer.

So, as you can see, guns are the cause of all greatness, freedom, and awesomeness. Except when Obama holds one.
Thankfully, Dutch and Mac are there to cover for the gun grabber in chief.


Fetish as Totem

So many people have died because of this man. And yet he is still worshiped!
Because of the Fetish - on many levels. That's all the Authoritarians run on: Fetish worship. Meaning is irrelevant. Details are irrelevant. Facts are irrelevant. All that matters is the tribal message - and that is, for now, Guns are Good. So worship guns, and death.
Die for your country - what an honor!


Thanks Dad!

So this is a new thing too - politicians not only posing with guns, but with their kids and guns. Cuz Republican Jesus knows nothing says "Pro-Life" like having everyone in the family armed.
Not worth helmets or proper footwear though - cuz there's no Republican Fetish Lobby for helmets, is there?
Yep, it's right there in the Bible - the Holy man is an American with a handgun. Praise Republican Jesus!


Kids bearing

Obviously it's incumbent upon every decent Mother to get their child a firearm, be they 5 days or 25 years old - you're never too young or old for another gun! And if someone with a gun were to threaten you, then there's more guns - gun plus gun equals more guns.
The safest school - when everyone is armed, then there are no victims, no criminals, no crime, no war, no strife, and so on.

An armed society is a dead society.


In an other world

Once upon a time there was a strange place named Rhodesia, and they had a fabulous army.

Which was used of course to suppress the majority black population from thoughts of self rule. Brutally, as such things go, even with such slick 70's fashions and hairstyles.

Also too:
Apparently, babies with guns/grenades/etc is a thing on the Internet. Don't look it up unless you want to be further appalled by humanity.


A new normal

In what part of America would you feel safer by bringing a gun with you and your newborn baby?
What business owner would encourage armed customers to his store - giving them a discount for being armed?
In what mind would you not only attend a pro-gun rally, but make a sign proclaiming "Gun Free Zones Kill"?

The answer to all these questions, and many more, is insanity. A large percentage of Americans have gone insane. And they're heavily armed, and increasingly delusional. A fun recipe for fun! Don't worry though, their gun owning fetish is for white folks only.
Armed Palestinian baby ain't cool! In fact, it's TERROR.


Not as cute as

Victory over America is a great party. Not many can drink to that.
Eternal vigilance is the price of constant paranoia.
Down with the bogus holiday of love! Down with Hallmark motivations!
No hipster left unturned.


Gals of Yore

A pox on your rules, olde dudes. Also, is that Drew Barrymore to the left? Another immortal, it seems.
Some rich 1930's hipsters at a "Poverty Party". Suck it, Hooverville.
Back in the day, rich folks get too horrific and everyone would go "Revolution!"
Let's get this Revolutionary Party started right!

All the ladies are packing heat, and sensible fighting fashions.
The double bandolier is a timeless look - try matching belts for an extra kick!

Meanwhile, in America...
Buy war bonds, also too.


Tomorrow's Women

A logical next step - some hands free computing device. Glasses are a sensible design since you need to be able to see it. Maybe something on the wrist could work too, Dick Tracy style. Michelle Bachman's on the bleeding edge, however, and that should give us all pause.
Future technology will be far more powerful. Too powerful? Can we trust people with technology that can cause mayhem with the push of a button? Of course we can't! But that won't stop us. Push it!
Antarctica party scene - a new thing for the super rich and the uber rich. Soon enough the ice will melt back far enough to open up resorts and what not. Yay, capitalism! The button has been pushed, our machines are melting the ice, killing all the creatures, ripping down all the forests, digging up all the earth. We're the Destroyers, woman!
But also of course the future, and all life. Yay, life! And boo, testicular cancer!