I'm Out (Abysses)

Fred was right. You fight monsters long enough, you become a monster. Or in this case, you search down nerd pics long enough...
Then a nerd you become. And I don't want to be a 21st century nerd. So I'm off this topic, dropping this
Dome arigato, ninjakutu roboto.
Class of 14 rules!


Worse still

"Grown" "men" who define themselves via the relaunched "My Little Pony" cartoon. A cartoon intended for little girls.
Why? No one knows.
 But rest assured, it's disturbing.
For even more (mildly) disturbing Bronies that would not be considered "Work Safe", click below. If you dare.


A New Kind of Love

These are the men of the future. Consider the men of the past. Think of a boy born in 1900, who grew up into a world of radio then TV. Think of how different he'd be than this young man above, born in the Internet. All the rules are changing.
Without foundation in this new world, we drift, assuming new personas, at least for a while. And some more passionately than others.
The Internet has opened a Pandora's Box, and it won't be easily shut. It could be shut though - a good sized solar flare would fry modern technology, and we'd revert to the year 1900 quickly enough, for a decade or more. But the Internet would return, inevitably.

My advice for this new world? Be flexible of mind and body.


My Dear Waifu

So, here we are: Waifus. I learned about them recently! They are the pillow wives of anime fans, from what I can gather. Go ahead and look it up, if you dare. There's whole sites, and words, and sadness. Look at these chaps, "coming out" with their waifus at school!
These people are "real", by the way, in that they feel - and express! - some sort of strange devotion to their pillow... girls. Wives. Whatever! At least the majority of these guys will not breed.
Or will they?!


Update from the Nerd Desk

The desk selfie has a rich tradition on the Internet. Here's a particularly classy example.
And another  - that's Anime, by the way, if you didn't know. I didn't  - not till a few years ago. But how I've learned.
Sailor Moon outfit - Sailor Moon apparently is a thing. Who knew? The nerds knew. Oh how they know.
And a depressing non-anime bonus picture:



The Internet atheists of Reddit almost make me want to take up religion, they're that smug and sadly, usually terrible. This is Ralph - he's one of the "Fittest" (i.e. you religious sheep are not). Now, mind you, I agree with the gist of Ralph's points here, I just find the presentation ridiculous. But look at me, spreading memes!
Again, I understand the sentiment. I just question the fashion, specifically the hats and in general guys wearing Anime shirts. Also, "Selfie - Culture", which I document with this series of posts. The world where a camera(phone) and an internet connection is enough to spread your stupid teenage brayings across the world. And lo, the Internet is filled with teenage brayings. But also genius and a new world.
You realize there's a whole culture of these mostly guys out there? Internet atheists who wear "Fedoras" as a show of unity with other Internet atheists, and post constantly on the Internet about said subjects. Good for them for discussing, but guys. Guys....
Also, obesity is frequently present, as it is across ever larger percentages of the population. Maybe atheism is fattening?


So Bright

Summer selfie, maxxing and relaxing at the beach.
Brighter still - self expression in all the colors of the rainbow!
Bright as the sun - the future requires shades.


But a Taste of the Terror

I'm not sure what's going on here, really, but I present it as Exhibit A, The Kids These Days.

Cyber ready with their smart phones and internet cliques and energy drinks.

But of course this is the tip of the iceburgh, as the Tubes allow for all manner of expression (slightly NSFW):

Brace Yourself

Fair (and legal!) warning: It's gonna get much worse. By reading this, you waive all damage claims against Redshirt LTD.  Esq.

A taste of the terrors to come:


The Making of You (No Escape)

The urge to share, to record, to transmit your meaning to others is a powerful part of being human - we're social animals to the extreme, and technology has allowed us to be social in ways never seen before.
Look at this high tech stuff! All replaced of course in the glorious 21st century by
The smart phone, which is truly a wonder. And a horror, for so many reasons - the Selfie high among them.

So don't worry about privacy anymore - not only will the streets and skies and oceans be filled with cameras, but we'll be recording ourselves and others all the time, uploading it onto a cyberspace that will always be fully monitored by governments and corporations.

You have nothing to fear, of course, if you have nothing to hide. Unlike this poor cat.


No Escape

In the future, every camera will see at least one other camera.
Not even the ocean will be safe, thanks to 1st Lt. Flipper and friends.


Eyes of a Robot

It's cool visuals, but not realistic. There's no way we could ever smash all the cameras they'll deploy. In the sky, on the sides of buildings, on street poles, on power lines, etc. Drones flying overhead. Satellites far above. Cameras everywhere.
Curiosity, on Mars. Not sure how this photo is made, since Curiosity is all alone on Mars.

Not a manual

Sadly, I think there are some Repuglicans who read 1984 and said "Whoa! Awesome ideas! Let's do that!". And they are doing it. When you read the book as an instruction manual, it's terrifyingly effective.

Orwell was a prophet of the modern age, and his prophecy, and the reality, is DOOM.


War is Peace

Read 1984 again, ASAP. Seriously - it's an amazing book and an outline of our future society.

Then despair, as there's no escape.

Freedom is Slavery

It's like a Black Fly in your Chardonnay. But where I'm from, a dead Black Fly in your wine is one less bug that will bite you, so, yay!

Ironic, yeah?



Looks good. Print it.

Also, vote for your rich betters, you stupid plebes! AMERCIA!


Missin' Mitt

Remember this guy?! Probably not. He was so stereotypically rich and bland and forgettable I can't blame you if he has already exited your memory. Here's some reminders.
It's Mexican Mitt! Fun fact - Mitt really is a bit Mexican, though of course he could not advertise that fact to his fungal based supporters. This pic was one of the glories of the campaign - Mitt on Telemundo, heavy on the tan spray.
Gosh, we never did get to see those taxes, did we?
Another fun fact! Mitt did not write a concession speech - as it was beyond conception that he would lose! Really, he believed that. His whole staff believed that, apparently. For example, Mitt made no travel plans back from his "victory party", assuming the Secret Service would take care of it for him. But the minute he lost, poof! No more Secret Service, and Mitt had to have Tagg or Track or Tacoma (his son) drive him to one of his homes. Oh, sweet schadenfreude - consider it! He sincerely, absolutely believed he was going to win, even though all the polls and all the evidence said otherwise.
Two days after the election, back in Cali (where he really lives), pumping his own gas. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.
Romney-Ryan 2012 Campaign summary.
Yay! Free shirts!


First Bub

What will be said of First Bub Billy C? First Bub of raising heck, gettin' randy, and scratchy, and otherwise dudey, yah? It's historic.
I mean, c'mon! Who could pander more?!