A Moran Gallery (It could happen here)

Who would have thought the new face of American fascism would like this? Mean Girl Dictator? Make no mistake though - Sarah is the appointed figurehead of this growing fascist movement.
Which has plenty of loyal American followers:
Now, of course, even these despicable signs are well within the rights of the folks carrying them - free speech and all. What strikes me - over and over again - is this: 1. Where were these people when Bush was running up historical deficits, and actually curbing Constitutional rights? and 2. Remember whenever a Democrat criticized a Repuglican plan or policy? TREASON!!!! But now, it's A-OK to make the most debased claims against the Commander-in-Chief. Again, all within their rights - but does hypocrisy mean nothing to these morans?

Of course not. Cognitive Dissonance is their operational mode, at all times. There are no limits to the contradictory notions these folks can juggle in their confused heads.

And thus, facts don't matter, truth doesn't matter, all that matters, as always I might add, but so nakedly apparent here, is the "Will to Power".

This is a common phenomena in any Imperial enterprise, of course. The reasons for doing anything get lost, and all that remains is the unabashed desire for money and/or power.

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