Our Times, Summarized

My constant, depressing, monitoring of current events leads me to believe the above product neatly encapsulates most aspects of Repuglican foreign policy views. Just add in some crucifixes for perfection. An interesting aside: Given the rate of Chinese consumption of American government debt over the period 2003-2007, it's fair to say the Chinese fully funded, via US Debt, the invasion of Iraq.

As for the rampant hate and bigotry now burning across America for no obvious reason other than being ginned up by Newscorp et al:

We're walking a narrow tightrope, with the Fundies on all sides egging on a conflict of Religion. Since I am so resolutely anti-religion, I wonder, in my darker moments, if we should not just get it over with, so that hopefully the survivors of such a horrible war can move on from the chains of the Abrahamic religions. I mean, really: We can split the atom, explore Titan, unravel DNA, and we're still enthralled to a handful of desert tribal mythologies? It's insane.


Knock knock
Who's there?
9/11 who?

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