Baby on board

Whee! I'm sure the kid is digging it; wonder what the po-lice might say?

I'm still waiting for my Segway future, by the way. Alas, given the nature of our infrastructure, and the ever more obtuse dimensions of the average American citizen, we need enclosed Segways with four wheels, and Ottomans, with mini-fridges, blinking lights, subwoofers, and somewhere to affix bumper stickers. Throw in an LCD TV and now were talking the new future of transportation. Till then, only Yuppies need apply.

Also, Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway and many other cool things) has a super sweet island off the coast of Long Island and IF there is ever a zombie apocalypse, it's one of my goto destinations. If I happen to be in the area during the zombie uprising. Wouldn't work for the robots, though - need something different for them.

Also Also: One of those "random" things: Just a co-incidence I posted about Segways when the owner of the Segway Corp (not Dean Kamen) just died by driving his Segway off a cliff. Jungian!


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