Zombie Redshirt will have his Revenge

How much more blood must be spilled for Dilithium Crystals?

It occurred to me, as things are wont, that the old school monsters are all variations off the same thing: A dead person coming back from the dead.

You've got your zombies, of course, but vampires too - essentially, just smart, sexy zombies. Same thing with Mummies, Frankenstein... wolfman? Did he die first?

Anyways, as always, fear = loss; loss of home, loss of health, loss of wealth, loss of life. Fear is always about loss. The totems to our fears - our monsters, our horror stories, our shadows in the dark - will always be some variation on loss.

Of course, as a Redshirt, once you realize you never had anything to lose in the first place, then, well! Things clear up quite a bit: Why be afraid?

It's a powerful question.


z said...

I think the wolfman's death is metaphorical (at least until silver-bullet time); the man dies with every full moon when the wolf is born. Because he is cursed, the wolfman IS the walking dead, doomed to pay for the actions of the beast within, even though he has no knowledge or control of it.

Redshirt said...

Ha! Love it. I dig your style z.