Where's your "no god" now, Commies?

Look what happened, Russia! You threw out God and then you were punished.
You replaced the cross with the hammer and sickle, and look at it now.
In ruins, rusting away to nothingness, or lingering on in horror.
Look what happens when you forsake God. Look! And repent.


into the dust bin

Sigh. Communism. How I miss you. Look here at this cold hard logic. It was scientists who sent monkeys into space, not Jesus.
It is the working class who built the factories and the buildings, the tractors and trucks. It is people who build our cities and monuments, not Jesus. Not the spiritual and fiscal bourgeoisie.



Bustin' Jesus

Jesus having risen from the dead puts him squarely in the Ghostbustin' category, and fair game for entrapment.
But even Ghost Busters get busted, one day. RIP to Harold Ramis, one of the funniest persons ever in the history of making jokes.


Know your Lord

Just in case you're confused, this friendly Tea Partier has a simple reminder. Of course, Jesus was the son of God and Allah is the Arabic word for God so in other words this Tea Partier is blaspheming.

And that's why it's great to be born again.


What Jesus wants

Since as we all know, the Jews of 33BCE Judea were blond, blue eyed, Aryan wonder boys. And this fine church going Southern lady will have none of this "Black" race in the Church of Christ, proper. Seems logical, from a biblical perspective.


Southern Hospitality*

The South is a very diverse and tolerant place. Come see our heritage parades and festivals!

*Post intended as sarcastic humor only


A different sort of tragedy

Redneck fashion is a virus that's infected America, and spreads worldwide. The only known cure is ridicule, so here you are, an inoculation.


Your wedding day

Dressed in white lace, walking down the aisle, all your friends beside you, the light just right.


Nice day for a

Red Wedding.

I was well and truly shocked when I read it. An awesome, though bitter twist as I, of course, was on Team Robb. But, alas. Our heroes fall. Because of love, and power. Oh damn you foul GRRM for taking the King in the North from us too soon! And like that? Damn.

Good storytelling though, and that's all that truly matters.


Words are wind

Oh Summer child, give up hope now for any new books from noted author George RR Martin. For he has been taken with writers block and fame, and the Wall shall fall before you see another.


Meanwhile, in Eternia

A He-Man of 1983, for real. He lived at Chess King, and wow did he get all the ladies, as you can see in this literal depiction of Prince Chess King.

His power went beyond his muscles and dragons - if you wore his clothing brand, you gained some fraction of his He-Manly aura, which surely would do your sad self wonders at the mall on Saturday night.


The Resistance Continues

Exile has been difficult for Skeletor, the rightful ruler of Eternia. But rest assured, while Skeletor still breathes, he will fight to regain his rightful crown. Join Skeletor, and victory is assured!


Dancin Bones Mon

When you think about it, man, we're just skeletons covered in skin. But when you really think about it, we're just skin wrapped skeletons transporting organs in support of the brain and brain stem. The real you is just a brain and stem, man, and all the rest is the infrastructure.

Weird, right? But then everything is, if you think about it.


Whitest Girl

Here she is, as voted by the Internets.

Ironically from the Rebecca Black classic and timeless hit, "Friday".  If you've never heard it, spare yourself the pain and never do so.


A new humour

You couldn't make this very funny joke 10 years ago, or ever before.

You glimpse but a sliver of the Internet's power.


Mean streets

Out here on the streets, man, you gotta stand up for yourself. If someone wants to fight, you gotta fight. The trick though is figuring out how to never be that bird.

Fighting's for losers.


Too many parrots

I got 99 problems and too many parrots is but one of them.


Where the discerning hawk goes online for a little H & A.


Too Cool for a Murder

Jimmy Crow prefers the company of people. The food's easy, the toy's plentiful, and Jimmy's always the coolest dressed crow in town.

To hell with the Murder, man.