Death Star Contractors

"Right Livelihood" - The Buddhist tenant that you are indeed responsible for the results of your efforts. For instance, say you are an Accounts Receivable person working on the Death Star. You, personally, are not killing or torturing anyone, but of course, you are supporting an enterprise which is - you are, in this view, just as morally culpable for any actions taken on your behalf.

By this logic, of course, every American is responsible for everything that happens in Iraq, Afghanistan, anywhere else the American Empire is working these days - their works are our works, and each of us bears their weight.

So! What are the fruits of your labor, and can you be proud of them? Do you stand behind everything associated with your efforts?

Another example of "If everyone lived this way, the world would be paradise"



l.e.s.ter said...

Interesting, Michael Moore is writing just about the same thing today:

Redshirt said...

Good article.

I've given up, for the most part, trying to figure out what other people are thinking. Like, it was so obvious to me back in 2002 what was coming down the road in regards Iraq - I was so sure, in fact, I started a gambling pool: Choose the invasion date!

I was two weeks off.

So, when I read about smart people like Al Franken falling for this crap, I don't know what to think - fear overpowers almost everything, perhaps?