Lords of Lies

Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter living the high life in very liberal NYC. O'Reilly remains about as popular as he ever has, whereas Coulter's career has dipped over the past 4 years. Though she's still out there, spewing poison. As all Right Wingers must - they deal in lies. It's the entirety of Right Wing existence at this point - lies for us, lies for themselves.
What a pic! Not sure the context, but these folks all represent various forms of the Right Wing Id. From left to right: Andrew Brietbart, foaming mad propagandist. Also dead. Jonathan Krohn, Wingnut boy wonder who in 2009 was lauded as the second coming of Reagan. Now an Obama supporter. Oh hi, James O'Keefe. Almost didn't recognize you behind that awesome disguise. Slayer of Acorn, O'Keefe's "brand" of journalism led him to plead guilty to trespassing in a Democratic Senator's office and is currently on probation. How he avoided jail is beyond me. And last and least, "Bush's Brain", "Turdblossom", "Maker of Realities" Karl Rove. Once feared and feted, it should be clear after his election night performance, he's now an utter joke. Won't stop him from continuing to lie and grift billionaires out of their money.
Oh Tucker. You still haven't recovered from the lashing given to you by John Stewart so many years ago. Tossed from your lofty perch at the "balanced" CNN, you ditched the bow tie and sank lower and lower, looking for anyone to pay attention to you. Sad. Now a recurring guest of the odious Sean Hannity, and still laughed at.

I could throw in a pic of the Big Daddy of this sleazy tribe, Rush, but I'll spare you, my dear readers, the suffering. Suffice it to say even Rush is not doing so well these days. Take all these trends together, and grow heartened. These liars, these radicals, these hatemongers and con artists and demagogues are losing power, losing influence, losing appeal. America appears to be waking up from the 30 years long Republican nightmare, and we can thank Barack Obama for this great blessing. Thanks Bo!



Bill O'Reilly - in your face "journalist" from way back. A pioneer of the "in your face gotchya" technique in many ways. Hooray for evil! Also, big props to the Newswatch16 logo. Especially the future as heck 16.

But not all reporters/anchorman are evil.
Or are they?

I was never a Will Ferrel fan but this one time I was on the red eye to London and Anchorman came on the in seat TV and even though most everyone was sleeping around me I could not help but laugh out loud. LOL. To some annoyance. I've subsequently seen it many times and love it more so  - funnier still to consider it as a superhero movie, where each channel is a super hero (or villain) team. Consider the anchorman fight as culmination of this theory. Hooray for analogies!


Future American Composite

If I were writing this article for the NY Tribune in 1910, I'd have suggested mutton chops would have come back in style... in the FUTURE! Also, Magyar = Hungarian.

But the good folks of the NY Tribune could not have possibly imagined non-Europeans as future Americans, of course. Heck!
Apparently these types of articles were all the rage 1941-1945. So insightful!

Really, though, in 1910 it wasn't even conceivable for a person of non-European descent to be considered American. Now look at us! A large block of non-Europeans got together and re-elected a black man born in Hawaii.  Who of course has 50% European background, like many Americans.


Keep Moving

Citizens! Follow these guidelines so that the next time you can punch that dastardly Jap rather than the friendly Chinese public servant!
Um, yeah, lady? By the wording of the sign, maybe you should be leaving the neighborhood as well? Being a woman and all. But committed to your distrust of Japs!

You see here three very positive trends: 1. This kind of outright racism is no longer tolerated in most places. Sure, it still exists, but pushed down and frowned upon, which is but a step towards elimination. 2. Former enemies can become great friends! Or, at least, geo-politics makes for strange bedfellows. 3. Peace can be made and grown over generations. Arguably, Japan (and Germany) had fairly aggressive and war like societies prior to World War 2. Since, they've been two of the most peaceful countries in the world, and their societies have become much more tolerant and less martial.

We are making huge strides as a species for the most part. An important fact to remember when reading the latest Rightwing slobberings. It's never a settled matter, however. Peace and Justice must be fought for on a daily basis.


Heat Sensitive

Give a man a target and reduce his natural messiness by 75%. It's science, and cool as hell. Go Japan!


Unisex Urinal

Seems like it might work, if a bit too close for comfort. That said, men are disgusting pigs and you'd have to be wasted to sit on anything remotely associated with their bathroom behaviors. Oh wait! This happens every day, millions of times. Shudder.

Poor redshirt working this shift.  "OK, drunk lady, this is the men's room, and you're sitting in a urinal..."


At least it's an ethos

A young Russian woman drunker than a skunk at a squatters camp outside Moscow. Could be a model, but most likely will end up rather poorer. Alcoholism is like a plague that was unleashed across the former Soviet Union after 1992 and it is the single biggest cause of most of the nation's troubles today. Alcoholism breeds nihilism in individuals, and a bunch of individuals thinking similarly makes a society, and much or Russian society today is nihilistic, in general. Depressed, negative, hopeless, lost.

Nihilism is the answer to nothing. It should in fact be fought strenuously wherever it exists for it is a poison that will kill any body it dwells within, sooner or later.  Nihilism is especially dangerous for teens, and entirely natural at that age as well. Such are the stakes!


Capitalism, Comrade

America being America, of course, we stopped paying attention to Russia once the Cold War ended. Let me summarize what's happened since: Near chaos. Oligarchs seized control of the country, and robbed the country blind. Average life expectancy for men has plummeted into the mid-50's. Alcoholism is widespread. Gang and terrorism based violence is endemic and brutal. Putin runs a charade of democracy. And yet! Glimmers of hope appear. There's a vibrant music scene. There are many internet geniuses. And they get more Westernized by the year.

Here we see a Moscow club with a minimum breast size limit for female guests. Too small, and you don't get in.

Bigtime lawsuit in America. Free wheeling capitalism in Russia. Here's a prediction for 2013! Wingnuts will start hailing Russian freedoms as example of what's wrong with America.

They love Oligarchy, after all.


Choose your own Metaphor

1. Post Communism Russia, devolved to Gangsters and intimidation?
2. Pre Communism Russia, land of Dostoevsky and serfs?
3. The modern world with its modern problems?
4. The Internet?
5. Shake to choose again?


Walking my fish

What? Ain't you never seen no one walking his fish? What?! You think fish don't like to check out the neighborhood?! Mind your own business, pal.

Also, from the "Phrases that sound dirty, but are really not, but maybe should be" file.


Dali Dada till Death

Dali was Dada as Hell. As well he should have been: Dada 4Lyfe.


Big Ben Kids

Look! I went to London and saw Big Ben and took a picture of this crazy guy ranting on the corner. Though in sooth I agreed with all his signs and had a pleasant talk with him -  he was absolutely correct in most of his opinions, I found, and incredibly committed to them. He wasn't really ranting either. Another difference between America and England - English nutters are well versed, polite, and correct. I generalize based on a single experience, of course. I must confess I grudgingly admire anyone who would stand on the street with a sign, telling the world their opinion. It takes energy! Far easier to sit on the couch and mutter under one's breath. And so we all agree to make fun of guys like this, when in fact, he's a hero, and all the hate stems from shame.
Ain't it the truth?



How long? How much longer must we as a species live as thralls to desert mythologies cooked up a couple of thousand years ago? Make no mistake - the fundamental divide in America today is religious. The entirety of the Republican platform is religious in nature. Whether it's their anti-science viewpoints, their thirst for war, their disparagement of women/minorities, on and on, all these "viewpoints" bubble up from a Fundamentalist religious outlook. Funnily enough, in America at least, the most Fundamentalist among us usually have no idea what values are espoused in their so-called "Holy" book. Jesus was a dirty hippie, after all.
And as yet another war heats up in the middle east, reflect on this picture of some young Israeli settler's "Welcoming" a Palestinian woman who was just forcibly evicted from her home. While ostensibly the violence in Gaza is territorial, religion of course underlies everything. My side versus your side and one of us will die and be proven wrong in the dying. It's ridiculous, we should all know better, and yet here we are, still killing one another over imaginary sky fairies and associated stories. It's especially pernicious that Israel has become a de facto Apartheid state, committing atrocity after atrocity on the ghettoized Palestinian populations - did no one learn anything from WW2?

"Opiate of the masses?" More like rage-fuel for ever more wars and violence. No thanks, Religion. You've done your part - kindly exit, stage left.


Behead All

Awww, Momma's li'l Jihadi. Head's be rollin'!
Of course, only in a society of "free expression" could you get away with telling it to go to Hell.  But dichotomies seldom trouble zealots.


Hello Free Shrugs

How nice. Do you think it's sincere, or ironic? Could be an in-disguise hipster pranking morning rush hour. Or a Jesus junkie out for a fix.
I think this guy's ironic. But there you see a shrug, for free, and presumably many more to come. So he's delivering, even if ironically. I mean, it's not like shrugs aren't ironic either. You know?

Also, too - the word "hello" clearly can be spoken as "Hell!", "O!", as if in fiery damnation. Ironic, huh, for such a friendly word? What isn't ironic, though, really?



(Sad Slow Piano)

Invisiblemanitus is a tragic illness that strikes 1 in a billion Americans each year. Unable to be seen except for the items they wear, these invisible Americans cannot find work, a roof over their heads, or even food. Invisible people are struggling to stay alive on our streets, until now, hopeless for a cure. But with recent medical breakthroughs, we are close to a cure for Invisiblemanitus. With your generous donation we can continue the cutting edge science necessary to prevent this dread disease. Won't you please help people like Frank Jenkison, veteran, Father of 2, and yet living on the streets for over 3 years? It would mean so much to Frank and the several others like him - it's impossible to know for sure how many Invisible People there are, but that's why it's so important to give now so we can find out, and cure them. Thank you.

(Incredible Hulk TV show song)


There is but one

World Devourer, and The Silver Surfer is His Herald. But also Nova, Gabriel, Morg (The Executioner), and Firelord, among others.

Are Ye right with Galactus, mortal? If not, get yourself so soon, as He's hungry, and He could return at any time. Maybe in 6 weeks?

Zod's just a Kryptonian thug, by the way.



And so, lo! As prophesied in the thoughtful teen comedy "Revenge of the Nerds", the nerds have had their revenge.
Money was all it took. A few million and whammo! Even the geekiest nerd is swimming in babes. And as stated many times before, it's always about the babes. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, has fluctuated from 21.2 BILLION dollars to today's 4.5 BILLION. Tough losses, but still enough money to buy all your bases and then some. Meh on the babe part though - hope he's got a good pre-nup.

Anywho, money. It's the lingua franca of power in today's age of police states (meaning, the police will arrest you if you kill someone - probably!). Many, many years ago, there was no police, and the means of power were physical - kill or be killed. Kill to eat, or die. Fists, rocks, fire hardened wooden spears, the list goes on. But for the majority of our existence, power was a direct, literal thing. You had it, or you didn't, and if you didn't you could die at any time. Now though, we live in far more abstract reality. Sure, war is the expression of physical power, but it's scaled way up, a different beast entirely. Money is by far the more persuasive and omnipresent tool for the expression of power. Keeps your hands soft.

Which leads to, of course, the Rise of the Nerds. Money brings power, power brings the babes, babes lead to success over generations. And so we go from this
Sincere, and probably scorned. To
Ironic, and the toast of the Internet. Get him a million bucks and he'll have a 6 foot Finnish model girlfriend.

You'll note the key here is getting a million or more dollars. Otherwise, nerd, you're on your own, and that rarely works out.

However, if for some strange and weird reason you're NOT in it for the money, then, we could all do worse than follow these wise words
Give not a fuck except for the truth and the well being of not just all humanity, but all life, yay, all of existence. Did ya know Mr. Sagan was a regular user of marijuana? It's true. Also, he commanded the awesome powers of the turtleneck like no other, before or after. Proof in a museum
Kinda looks like Starfleet uniforms circa TNG, yes? Sagan was a visionary.


Sagan Day 2012

Happy Sagan Day! 2012 as a Mayan Apocalypse means nothing, by the way. Let's get that out of the way immediately.  But I will still use it for humorous effect.
Turning more Vulcan by the year.
Carl took ZERO bullshit. That was his thing - see, that's the thing with science. No bullshit. Ever, for any reason, at any time, ever. Antithetical to the very enterprise. Whereas Religion is clearly built on lies. Consider that, Godlings.
The proof is always in the pudding.

Also:  Not a College Republican, though everyone from the 50's looks the part.

Tread on Me

Can you imagine putting up an RNC flag? Party over country! So sad it's all half mastey, Wingnut. Maybe you should stop watching Fox?
There's a smattering of stories these last few days of businesses shutting for the day, or even laying off workers, cuz, OBAMA! BS, says I, but even if true, I worry not - the all powerful free market will pick up the business you Wingnuts willingly throw away.
Sums it up, eloquently. In true Orwellian fashion, you can assume the opposite of whatever a Wingnut says. When they say "Freedom!", they mean the freedom to control you. When they say "Fair and Balanced!", they mean slanted propaganda. When they say "Don't Tread on Me!", oh, yes, they love getting treaded upon. As long the boot has an "R" on the sole.

Also too:
Subjectively, a Young Republican is the worst Wingnut. You're in college, man! There's no excuse for being "conservative".



Such a wonderful couple of days. Not only for my sincere belief that this election has given America a great chance to recover from the past 40 years of Republican madness, but! Also too, swimming in Wingnut tears.
They were truly SHOCKED that Obama won. How could that even be possible?! Fox News assured us it was a Rmoney landslide!
Delusional! Well, maybe not this guy - he might just be in it for the 15K. But the true believers. They've been swimming in propaganda and lies for so long they no longer even know what the truth is, what facts are, what reality is. And not just the followers, but all the way to the top. Karl Rove is no evil genius - he's a grifting conman who got lucky a few times and has been rolling in cash ever since. This is the defining feature of today's "Conservatism" - a complete loss of reality, which creates an atmosphere ripe for grifters. Let us give a hearty thanks for it - because they've pissed away their true chance at their dream: The utter control of America. And they nearly had it. Circa 2003, everything was going their way, and all they really had to do to keep it going is the bare minimum. But they couldn't cuz they're incredibly incompetent. And one loss led to a purity purge, which led to another loss, and more purges, and more purges, and now the Republican Party is only home to racists, bigots, power mad rich people, and other certifiable loonies. Thank FSM it is so, since they've doomed themselves with their own lies. Lies which served them well for a time, but no longer.

Speaking of served:
Hell yeah! We all get a slice - even you, crazy Wingnut. No matter how much you're shocked, no matter how much you hate Obama and everything Fox tells you to hate, worry not - he's looking out for you too.

Thank you, President Obama, and all the thousands and thousands of folks who helped your re-election effort. Best campaign in presidential history.



It is known.

I knew it four years ago. And two. And one (and eight to be true). And that last poll too. Obama is awesome in ways the Wingnuts can never understand. To their detriment - this is why they lose, and will continue losing. It's a Democratic future, thanks to Barack. Thank you, President Obama! May you enact a severely progressive agenda in the future.


A Clear Choice

Here's a young Obama visiting the family back in old Africa. And this is part of the problem, for many. Race. Simply because of the color of his skin, or the (D) after his name, a large percentage of Americans HATE our President with a fury beyond logic. They're mad with hate. And yet...
A young Barry with Mom, and Grandad at the beach. These pictures are jarring to many, I suspect - whiter than white folks with a black child. DOES NOT COMPUTE! But it does. This is America, given our horrid racial history. This is the world, in fact - populations that evolved in isolation for thousands and thousands of years now all mixed up and swirled. This is our future - the mixing.
Look at this crowd. This is the future of America, and aye, the world. Different peoples and cultures living together in harmony based on the bedrock principle that no "people" are superior to another, but rather we all are equal and value peace, justice, and the well being of ourselves and our families.
And thus, a very clear choice: Elect the man who in person and in deed represents this diverse future - Barack Obama. Or another white man who's claim to fame is being rich and belonging to a cult he can't talk about.

The choice is stark - one brings a continuation of the Renaissance; the other its denigration.

Choose wisely, America. Choose Democrats, at every level.