Republican Jesus

Let me be clear: I am a member of no party, and I cannot imagine I ever will be. With that said, I am thrilled to watch the real-time disintegration of the Repuglican party into a regional, new-Confederate religious party. Could not happen to a better bunch of hypocrites.

I don't know how Specter will play ball, but I think it's in his interest to play with the Dem team. So, for the rest of the year and into the next, the Democrats in both houses don't need to seriously consult the Republicans on legislative matters -- and why should they, when it is abundantly clear the Repuglicans do not act out of sincerity, but rather always in a partisan game of "gotchya".

So, until they get their act together (not happening in the near future), screw 'em.


Cap'n Trips

If it really is Cap'n Trips walking the deserts of the Southwest, might as well stop worrying now, get your affairs in order, and be prepared for some "before the fall bacchanalia". Cuz, if it is the Cap'n, ain't nothing you can do anyhow except go out with some class.


What Obama means to me, in pictures

So, the arbitrary deadline of 100 days is soon to come and go, and I have to say I am 100% satisfied with Obama's performance so far. But in a nutshell, his effect has yet to be fully understood -- we saw this effect in London during the G20, in France and Turkey, and in his recent trip to the Summit in Latin America. To wit: He heals. Most people feel it (some small percentage of people are rabidly against this feeling, but it's fair to say they are either evil and/or stupid).

As a project, pay attention to images of race in our popular culture. I've long since noticed a great increase in the amount of African Americans on news programs, and I would expect this to grow. But that's somewhat superficial. The real change is illustrated in the picture above.

May Peace be upon all of us.

Redshirt before the Storm

Thought for the morning: Expendable has much in common with Inevitable.


The Greatest Moment of All Time?

Any photo of The King is a treasure, of course. But to have him with the President of the US in deferrance? Greatest humblage of all time. All hail The King! All hail Rock n' Roll!



Remember: When the US of A tortures (only applies under a Republican Administration), it's good, cuz we're the Good Guys, and we're always doing the right thing.

When someone else does the exact same behaviors to Americans, it of course is torture, and must be condemned, stopped, and prosecuted.

Today's Doublethink Moment brought to you by the RNC.

PS: I had chosen many other images, but they were too graphic. But hey, just Fraternity Pranks is all.



Add your own mockery. I would just like to point out the wonderful dissonance of railing against budget cuts for Defense (which isn't happening -- instead a 4% increase from last year) and then claiming to have "forgotten" to pay her (his?) taxes. Also, she (he) most likely just got a tax cut.

Think she (he?) is aware of any of this?

Your Republican Party, America!


Adventures in Marketing

Those of a certain age will remember the introduction of the Star Wars action figure, and what a heady time it was. All was good for awhile, but then, came a second wave of action figures like, fer instance, Luke in his Yellow Victory Jacket. Then a third wave, which I believe featured many lovable characters from the Cantina. Finally, the Fourth Wave.


Mask Watch

Introducing a new recurring feature: Mask Watch.

My theory: With the ever growing preponderance of surveillance technology (cameras, satellites, etc), a natural response will be for people to wear masks.

You can see the beginnings of this trend with the advent and widespread adoption of the "Hoodie"; however, that is a minor development in regards what is to come.

The real shift will be when it becomes socially acceptable to conceal your identity in public. The Authorities will fight this of course, and the resulting conflict will be interesting. I will predict a first version of this look will be surgical masks w/ sunglasses, as it's far easier to justify.

However, there's so much more we can do -- plastic surgery perhaps?

The mask above is worn by a protester in Georgia (Russian, not Redneck).


Behold our future awareness

Not sure why this isn't getting bigger play, or maybe it has and I was out of the country (as I often am).

Regardless, behold, an actual picture of an actual star (not ours) with actual planets in orbit thereabout. 3 of them, see?

Each of these planets is way bigger than Jupiter (fun fact: The size limit of planets is considered to be 13 times the size of Jupiter, for, bigger than that, and our friend Fusion starts up and the planet is then a star), and they orbit 2 times further away than Neptune does our Sun - so they are very far out from their star, yet huge. Odd.

This is just the beginning. Our tech will race ahead and twenty years from now we should be able to read chemical signatures of most planets orbiting most stars in our general vicinity (50 plus light years perhaps). Inevitably, life will be found on one these planets, or, more likely, soon enough on another hunk o rock in our solar system.

The next expansion of human awareness is ready - just a world among an ocean of worlds, islands in a great sea. And with the discovery of life on these other worlds, one would hope our Trekkian future soon awaits.

Also, kinda looks like a cellular photo, no? I mean, yes?


May FSM Bless You

A fun game! Whenever you see or hear a reference to God, Jesus, Allah, Etc, replace the particular deity with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Everything seems kinda foolish, yes?


Pictures in Perspective

This pretty shot shows the Earth and Moon as seen from the Mars Orbiter on its way to Mars. As always with astronomical pictures, perspective is immediately supplied - we are so very very very small and tiny.

I'll paraphrase a mystic: Our existence will ALWAYS be a mystery. One's goal is simply to align one's self to this fact.



Party Time!

H/T to L>E>ST>E>R;

I quibble with the mushroom cloud here, since my sources tell me it's far more likely to be a super-volcano (Yellowstone), but what's one type of apocalypse versus another? It's all apocalypty.

So, get your bunkers ready, and the home made bread machines spec'd out -- a little bit over 3 years to go (12/21/12)!


It's a G20 Thang

President Barry is rocking the G20 house, y'all! Check out (find your own damn link) the tale of Obama with Sarko and Hu. This is what a real leader can accomplish.

Also, please recall W.'s performance last year at the G20, when the other foreign leaders would not shake his hand.


No Joke - Cold Fusion

First off, nutz to April Fools Day. Terrible idea for a day -- let's Punk everyone! Yeah!

So, no joking here.

Cold Fusion is back on the table. One link here.

To wit, so far after several retests, the possibility of Cold Fusion has not been ruled out. It has not been ruled in yet either, but given that the project is in the middle stages of testing, this is an achievement all by itself. For example, the Cold Fusion news that broke about ten years ago was quickly disproven. So far, not the case with the latest example -- the only question seems to be is there another physical process other than fusion that is producing the neutrinos?

This is a big, big, big deal. If Cold Fusion were possible, and then made commercially viable, our world would change drastically overnight. All the energy needs of everyone on earth, and everyone yet to come, could be met by fusion, easily, with no waste, no depletion of resources, no radioactivity, no problems. A world in which energy is basically free and limitless and clean is a drastically different world than our current one.

This is the biggest news story out there right now, regardless of what you see on CNN or FOX! The true game changer. Stay tuned for further updates.