There's Lefty Loons too!

An actual person running for Congress from MA. Loons on the left - Ralph Nader 2000 voters, in short hand - are out there, they just don't have a major global enterprise backing their crazy efforts (ala Newscorp). Thus, you rarely hear about them.

However, and this is a real pickle, criticism of the left of Obama and his Administration is not miniscule -it dwarfs any similar criticism from the Right during Lord Bush's reign. And that's because the Democratic party is really a loose collection of all sorts of groups, who all have their own agendas and are not afraid to protest for them. Repugs, on the other hand, while they also can be a varied collection of groups, all fall in line behind the Central Committee, since they're all Authoritarians at heart. They love being led!

So, you have a dynamic where supporters from the Left are fare more critical of their own leaders, AND an enviroment where 98% of the media is geared towards Repuglican talking points.... and you might understand why it seems like it's not even legal anymore for there to be a Democratic President. By default, from this perspective, there illegitimate. Never mind if he also happens to be.... black. Gosh!

But, for all their flaws, Lefty Loons are rarely violent, unlike their counterparts on the ugly Right. For example:

PS: Totally agree with the restoration of Glass-Steagall though - one of the truly disastrous results of the Monica Lewinksy fiasco. Clinton, held hostage by the 3rd Incarnation of the Wingnuts (Gingrich et al), undid this law which was created in the Depression to separate the business of banks with that of investment banks. If you were paying attention to the economy in the last 3 years, you'll note it's precisely this recent intertwining of personal, commercial, and investment banking which sank our economy, and much of the rest of the world.

Fat chance though we'll be able to roll that back anytime soon though - sadly, we're still on the downward slope.

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