Things in the desert

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last night and gosh was it awesome. Like truly a spectacle, one which actually lingers, as I've been thinking of the movie all day.

For one, it's beautiful.

Two, it's actually got a lot of things to say, with very sparse dialogue. Feminism!

And three? It's a Mad Max movie. I watched The Road Warrior dozens and dozens of time as a lad. To see this kinda sequel is like a dream.

Steeped in Dystopia.

No spoilers, but the movie is not overly graphic or extreme, even though it might seem like it from the ads and previews and material. Yes, there is a lot of violence, but it's so well done and hits all the notes it wants to hit, it's like no movie I can think of in the last 20 years.

Go see it on a big screen before it's too late.


Happy Hanukkah (post dated)!

Ben Grimm wishes you Mazel Tov!

For the record The Thing could only hope to slow down or distract The Hulk. The Thing is quite strong, but nowhere near Hulk levels. Maybe if you had all Fantastic Four you could contain the Hulk for a short period of time, but since they don't exist in the MCU, the question is moot.  Hulk smashes.