When Obama is President....

-- Fox news will morph into a righteous critic of the government, intent on exposing "corruption" and "abuses of power".

-- The rest of the MSM will have far more interest in covering these very same stories.

-- REZKO will become unto WHITEWATER - a running "scandal (really, tell me: What was Whitewater about)" that Repugs demand be investigated by a Special Prosecutor; why? For Justice? Hell no! They will do everything and anything they can to obstruct Obama

-- Remember the phrase "Jack Booted Thugs"? Haven't heard that since about 1/1/01, I reckon. Expect to hear it again.

More as the Muse strikes....

Ground Game

Polls are looking great, Obama's campaign is looking great, but what really, really is going to drive home this victory is the respective Ground Games, or Get Out the Vote Effforts (GOTV).

If you haven't already found THE new site of 2008, go here and read the full, wonderful story.

To wit: The Bush campaign of 2004 defined GOTV efforts in recent American elections -- it's fair to say the Bush GOTV efforts won him the 2004 election.

This year, however, it's a completely different story. Not only has McCain never had a good ground game, even though he had several more months to set one up, but in these final days of the contest, he's shifting funds from GOTV efforts towards more commercials (no doubt dirty, hypocritical, and slanderous). This is a fundamental sign that things are not well in McCainland.

On the flip side, Obama's ground game makes Bush's 2004 efforts look like semi-pro wrestling; captilizing on the long primary, Obama supporters are everywhere, legion, all highly motivated to win this for not only Barack, but the America we all love (and not the America we've been turned into).

If you can do anything in these last few days to help out, it's easy to start. Go to and find the state your interested in. There will be lots of groups and efforts to choose from.

I'll be driving folks to the polls. If one person votes for Obama who would not have otherwise, it will all be worth it.

As Kos has been saying: "Leave it all on the road". Truly, now is the moment to crush the Neocons and end their influence in our country.

New Game cont.

Can you feel everything changing? Cuz it is.

From the "Onion Predicts the Future" File

Joe The Plumber, Fred the Forklift Driver.... you get the point:



New Game

We're entering our big shift! Perceptions, attitudes, community, environment, race, wealth, everything about Western Society is now poised to shift ever so slightly to the left, but this slight shift will have huge - and positive - implications for America and the rest of the World.

Witness! The dreaded "Lawn Jockey" besides the "Letter Carriers for Obama" sign.

That sums up nicely the change to come...



Seriously. Political Ads in video games?

On the one hand, I'm skeptical this will generate many votes in relation to the dollars spent;

On the other, every vote matters, and this ad campaign (which is underway with several on-line video games) shows in a visceral way the breadth and depth of the Obama campaign, and the dollars they have at their disposal.

Make no mistake: The Obama campaign is the best run campaign of my lifetime, and probably yours as well. While they've made a couple of mistakes I could identify (the Obama Seal), these are minor compared to the breathtaking competence and... shall I say, gameplay, of Team Obama. They beat the Clinton machine in large part because they understood the game better (primaries, caucusus, momentum, etc). The same is happening in the General.

Obama will be President. And he will have a legion of gamers ready to do battle in cyberspace.

Still Nervous?

I dither over the "Booty Call" joke or a generic Gollum "Me wants the precious!" riff.

You choose!

Really Big Show

I'd like to see a poll of the NBA to see if this guy's T-Shirt is correct.