Same diva

Just another group of young people making music together. Beautiful music.


Princess Collector

Laugh if you must, but this is a mint collection. Worth thousands. See that Snow White throw rug in the lower right? Big money on the Disney Princess market.


The Real Doll

So many bundles of joy.
The real doll, as per title. Harry Harlow fashioned controlled Hells for baby monkeys in order to study their reactions. It's true, read here.

I leave it to you, my modern reader, to judge the morality of Harlow's work.


Tomorrow's love couple

Real people, as it were. Who choose to surgically change themselves into likenesses of dolls.

Our modern society is so decadent.


'Murica at war

What tha?! A giant swastika flying in the sky?! What will those damn NAZI's think of next?!
Oh yeah get Japan to distract America. Right!
See what happens, rest of the world? Take note.


No way like

The Government employed artists during the depression for the first time via the WPA and they supplied the first real American propaganda who's style led directly into WW2.
WW2 propaganda got oddly specific, and maybe effective.
Ah, yeah, sure, Government propaganda department!


Food is fundamental

Food is of course the basis of all human civilizations, now and in the past. It is also the basis of all animal and plant civilizations, as they are. Food is the fundamental building block of all life, by necessity, and thus informs all other behaviors.
Given food's importance, it is a crucial element of all human war. Whether it is starving your opponent or feeding your own troops/people, food is the first concern of all war.

Here we see classic USA WW2 domestic propaganda. It's almost universally beautiful. And wise.

Food is a weapon. Among many other things.


Come Together

One day soon enough we'll be down to a nice and proper small number of global megacorps who in turn will run many brands and have excellent global brand strategies. Perhaps one day the end result of Capitalism will come upon us as if from on high, GlobalMegaCorp, in charge of, everything. But still with excellent branding.

Let us keep shopping to bring forth this Capitalist utopia.


End of Empire

No Empire has ended by conquest. Rather, they all fall from within, their very institutions rotted and filled with poison. Knowing this and acting with such knowledge could prolong an empire a great deal, but even it would not be immune to institutional infection.

Knowing this, you can consult for the Empire and make a lot of money.



All your favorites, under a minute or less!
Savings are yours if you're saved. Are you saved?



The American pledge gesture. All nationalistic hand gestures are fascist. As are corporate gestures.

Everything's fascist these days, because we're fascist, for the most part.

More than a metaphor

To be fair, Canadians and Australians are getting pretty big too. Something about McDonalds (and ilk), I think.
Guantanamo McDonalds in the 80's.


Hot Stock Tip

I've invested in all major flag companies, betting that when Puerto Rico becomes a state and every US flag in the world has to be replaced, I'll be rich. FILTHY RICH! You can be too! Send me your credit card info and I'll invest for you.

And just so you feel confident, I'll have you know that if PR does not become a US state in the next 10 years, I have a contingency plan to get the Canadian maritime provinces into the USA. It won't be pretty, but my flag investments will pay off. One way or another.

Act now! This offer limited to the first ten responders. Time's running out!


State by State

One by one states will legalize marijuana, and one day the Feds will have to address this one way or another. I hope it's for full legalization, but you never know. Trust no Republicans.


Fresh Blood

Surely the loss of a few lives is small recompense for higher civilization...

I pledge

My pledge to you, dear reader, is to always mock flags. I get their symbolic function, but I laugh at it. Also, despair. Flags are tribe colors to designate sides, both to unite and divide. When you "pledge allegiance" you are of course proclaiming fealty to the political power that uses the flag as its tribe symbol. I pledge allegiance to all life, to the Universe as a whole, so what does a flag matter to me? Or, for that matter, what does the Flag Code matter to any Patriot? Violation, above. Violation, below.
So many Flag Code violations in today's American Empire.
lol america.

Boris Karlof can go suck a beet

Hulk Hogan speaks for us all. He defends us all against the likes of Boris Karlof. Be thankful Hulk is looking out for us.


Back in the USSR

What with all the new excitement in Crimea - it's been awhile - I've been thinking fondly of Cold War's past.
Alas, it's just a comedy montage, and not really a geopolitical reality. Despite the action in the Black Sea. It is somewhat interesting, kind of.
Sochi is just down the road from the old Crimea, which is cool, right?