President Cat

Given the direction the USA is heading, we might as well elect a cat as President. Would probably get higher approval ratings, and be able to "reach across the aisle". Although if it were a Democratic Cat, that might not be acceptable to the 27% who hold us all hostage.



Pretty Fly

Awesome shirt, Pappy! That's some hippy shit, right there.

And for your daily moment of despair, try and imagine any current Republican in any way celebrating or even noting Earth Day. Go ahead, I'll wait....

That said, Pappy would stand zero chance of winning any national position in today's Republican party. Not isane enough, by far.


In Living Colour

Walking on sunshine, yo.
First black President, or so it's been said.



Young Sexy Nixon in the ocean is like a zen koan, Americanized.
Teddy Roosevelt, age 19. A thuggish sexy brute with a neckbeard. Nothing makes sense!
A young LBJ in his teaching days. Education for all is super sexy! The sexiest, in fact.

LBJ did so much for so many, and yet his name was dragged through the mud and blood of Vietnam. Sad - for all involved, involuntarily or otherwise.


Longing for a Dictator

Hat tip L.E.S.T.E.R.

Truly, a God among men. Worthy of worship and complete devotion.
No kidding. Wingnuts worship Reagan, but have little to no idea what he did, what his policies were, what compromises he made, etc. He's just "The Leader". A symbolic figure they can hold up as their God once on Earth. Like Jesus, but a bit more believable. Thankfully, membership in the Reagan Youth is at an all time low.
The only thing worse than your typical fat white male Wingnut is the species known as "College Republican". There might be nothing worse on the planet.


Always Worse

Another McNaughton, the Wingnuttiest painter there's ever been. Maybe - he's pretty Freepy. Check out the all star quarantine island of liberal hood: Katie Couric, David Letterman, Satan. Also, note the wind turbines on the left causing the tornado on the upper right. Wind power is of the devil, cuz: Liberals. The source of everything bad, you see, according to a Wingnut. A Teabagger. A Republican.
I read a summarized collection of current FreeRepublic posts - I'd rather not wade in directly. For you see, it is a pit of hate and stupidity, fear and rampant paranoia. They were of course cheering the Zimmerman verdict. Why? To piss off Liberals. That explains just about everything about them, by the way - they just want to piss off Liberals. They're crazed, as if possessed by some vile demon given to wanton hatred and disgust. And they've always been with us:
They used to be called "Birchers", after their membership or affinity for The John Birch Society - a collection of far right whackos. But they used to be fringe, on the margins, made fun of, not taken seriously by anyone serious. Now, however, they are the Republican Party, and they are literally at war with America.
They believe they are in a war, and are acting as such. Everything you see on Fox News is a propaganda element in their war. Believe it, for though it seems hyperbolic and unrealistic, these things are really happening. The Republicans have the chance to send the world financial system into depression in a few months, by not raising the borrowing limit of the USA. This has been done automatically hundreds of times in past administrations, it's routine. But not anymore, for once again the Republicans of the House (and they only - a small percentage of the US Government holding the rest hostage - it's breathtaking in the audacity) will play with the fate of the very modern world, over what? Better healthcare insurance for poor people? This is it, by the way. But hey, that's what evil does: Evil.


Through Freeper Eyes

You may have been taught that one of the founding principles of America was the separation of Church and State. You may also have been taught a concept called "The Melting Pot", wherein anyone in the world could become American. In fact, much of America's growth came from people moving here in hopes of a better life for themselves and their family - odds are, your family was one of them. It's even chiseled into the Statue of Liberty:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses, yearning to be free".

But you were wrong. You probably went to a PUBLIC SCHOOL, yes? Well, see, there's your problem. LIBERAL BRAINWASHING.

As any Real American knows (for Real American, read: White Conservative Male), America's a Christian Nation, we speak English, and all them swarthy bastards can go back to what ever hole they crawled out of.

FREEDOM! And Jesus, also too.


Big Sports News

Yeah sure you betchya! The big dog sled thing is happening this weekend!
FREEDOM! Who can tell ya how big a soda ya can drink?! No one, for gosh sakes!


Bush Originals

I'm sure you've seen the kinda creepy paintings of W in the bath and shower by now, painted by W himself. Well, look again!

I'm impressed, honestly, for the effort. And I don't think they're that bad - they're not masterpieces, but I'd hang 'em on my wall if my kid painted them - well, not these, actually. Kinda creepy. Like W has to wash off all the blood on his hands, but it never washes out! But in a far happier theme:
Behold, Bush originals, ready for the gallery - and if I owned an art gallery I'd totally exhibit them, unironically. Let the protestors bring the irony (and $$$).
The artist himself with some new pieces - look at the cute puppies! And W looks so happy. Good for him! Art is its own reward.
I'll give W some more credit - he's mostly kept out of the limelight. He could have had a disastrous role if he had played into the Tea Party anger. But no, relatively classy as hell. So, despite all the horrors and terrors of his two terms, despite his loathsome supporters (an unironic bumper sticker above), I say to you W: Enjoy your painting!


Still Not Missing You

No matter how insane politics seem today, thanks to the Repuglicans, forget not the true horrors when they were in charge of everything, and given a nice big terrorist attack which allowed them run amok. Here's W. announcing our invasion of Iraq - I'm sure those WMD's will turn up any day now. But let us consider a younger Bush, before he was cruelly thrust into positions of power:
Jolly drinking Bush! I'm of the mind he continued to drink occasionally while in office, but perhaps the world would be a better place if he just stayed drunk and played the rich layabout, rather than letting his Dad make something of him. But, let us give praise for one thing W did that was sincerely good:

He terrified and puzzled Africans, but he also legitimately helped groups dedicated towards the prevention/treatment of AIDS in Africa.

Good for you, W.


Live Long and Prosper 2: Happiness

Posted before, but I'm posting again, due to the awesomeness.

Happiness must be a factor in considering whether a life is successful. For, what is freedom, what is peace, without happiness?

Get Happy:
Don't chew pencils!
Lead free.
Even the Romneys can't resist President Obama.
All the kids.
And all the windows, and all the doors flung wide open.




I've become a single issue voter these days: Stop Republicans. The man best in position to do that is Barack Obama, so I support him 100%. As should any good person. And so I don't ever feel the need to debate this policy or that, or whatever revelation that comes out, in fact, I don't question BHO in the least regard while I still hold him sincere and good. Is he, sincere and good? Yes, unequivocally. Disagree with his policies if you must, be at least respect him as sincere and out for the common good.

Is that hypocritical of me? I accuse Republican followers of the same mindless following of their political leaders. But, their leaders are actual evil and are actively doing harm to our country. So, there's a difference! You see?

The first one is OUTRAGEOUS! Literally, it was a "news" story on Fox and Allies. The second picture of course, buried deep in some obscure archive. Who cares?!

The Republican mind at work today, so beware. Even fair seeming or even nice Republicans must support this evil, if they are Republicans.

But let us not end in negativity! Choom Gang, bring it home.
Barry Obama, All American Golden Child. Suck it, Wingnuts.


The Real Racists

Ask a Wingnut - he'll tell you who the real racists are. Black people, and "their" racist-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama.
There's your four cultural hotbuttons to fire up the rednecks and get them to forget that rich white men are robbing them blind. But, Obama!
It's just a joke! Don't you libtards have a sense of humor?
Oh boy, do the non-racists of the rightwing love Michelle Obama.


It's a Joke

Technically, in comic book logic, this makes perfect sense. A man of stone would be immune to Medusa's powers, and thus able to behead her with ease. Or, strike up a conversation - it's the 21st century, man. You don't necessarily have to kill every Gorgon you see.
Or? Here's real merchandise from the early 1900's South. Ain't it charming? And today of course, racist collectors ensure art like this goes for good money, relative to a redneck's perspective.

Isn't it funny?! Little babies left out on a log in alligator country, ready to be eaten like popcorn. Someone's darling children - and all children are darling.

Implied in the word "bait", of course, there is a fine Southern Gentleman somewhere offscreen with a gun pointed at the alligator. That was the whole point afterall, right?

It's a sick state of mind, and too prevalent still. Especially in "The South".


The Power of Minstrels

A powerful lineup, and influential. Each of these men had a not insignificant role in shaping the flavor of race relations in America today.

I wonder what the real effect of entertainers, sports figures, and other celebrities is on race issues. I assume it's significant over time in terms of cultural awareness. Whether that translates tangibly to non-celebrities, I don't know.

Anyone got a study?

Also too, and said before: If you've not watched Sanford and Son in some time, or ever, please do. It's amazing.


American Apartheid

It was less than 50 years ago that an official and "legal" system of apartheid was in place in many places in the US.
And of course there were many unofficial enforcers of this system. The KKK for one, but also every racist redneck who took it upon themselves to "keep those people in their place".
These people. Kids. Imagine growing up in such a system?

It was only by force of the Federal Government (thanks Ike and LBJ!) that American apartheid ended. But oh, does it live on, unofficially, and make no mistake: The Republican Party of today is the political party actively pursuing the same goals - keep those people in their place.

A bonus today, of course, is lots of people can be those people. All the poor, for example. Yay, Republicans!


Good news everybody

The Supreme Court recently ruled that there's no longer any institutional racism in America. Yay!
Just folks - we're all just folks! - helping folks. Yay!
Ask Lindy Patton, ex-slave.