Made in China

Whenever I go into one of those mall based limbos like TGIF's or Outback (which is exceedingly rare) and note the various wacky olde tymey stuff they have all over their walls, all of which is cheap, replica crap, no doubt made in China... well. It just makes me go hmm - even better than the real thing. What isn't some sort of metafiction these days?

One of the other magical acts the Repuglicans have performed since St. Ronnie's Revolution is convincing people that you are FOR fiscal restraint and balanced budgets, while you are actually going massively into debt. It's quite a trick. Bush ran up the debt to unheard of levels, much of which went directly to China. I could go on and on about all the ramifications of this (one small: Towering, gleaming cities springing up all across China in the last twenty years), but suffice it to say, which position would you rather be in: Debtor or Creditor?

Given the massive debt currently held by the USA, and future prospects of nothing but more of the same, an outside observer might conclude we, as a country, are pretty well fucked.

Hey, as long as China maintains a robust human space program - which seems likely - then, what the heck: Go China!

I'm already acclimated to the diet.


l.e.s.ter said...

Ha! As happy as I am to buy only Chinese consumer items and eat mostly Chinese food, it's going to be a real drag getting nudged into line at gunpoint by a representative of the Chinese debt-collection occupation force.

Redshirt said...

Fret not, citizen: I'm sure our future Sino-Overlords will arrange a work program for us to pay off our debts.