Fear Sells, and Everyone's Buying

I've been thinking - as an UberNerd is wont - about this Stormtrooper v. Redshirt divide in my head. Yes. But then, I think about a lot of things!

Both character tropes are expressions of fatalism - they're both fodder. In this way, they are the same, and represent the anonymous foot soldier that has fought and died in the countless wars we've waged on ourselves in our history. But perhaps the similarities end there. 

The Stormtrooper IS anonymous - this is no doubt a big part of the lure. Put on the mask, and you're like everyone else. Whereas a Redshirt is maskless. Additionally, the Stormtroopers were the footsoliders of an evil Empire, whereas the Redshirts were merely the scouts and security for away missions, away missions usually dedicated to exploration, diplomacy, or some other high minded ideal.

America has become a deeply militarized country since St. Ronnie started his revolution. Any wonder then the Stormtrooper far exceeds the popularity of the Redshirt? One represent anonymous service to an Empire; the other, freely chosen work towards exploration. Which seems more in line with our Foxified country these days?

Also, and fair warning: I'm going to mark 9/11 with as many satirically blasphemous pictures as I can find. A teaser:
You know why? Because I want to take the fear out of it. The Repuglicans have milked this fear so well, for so long, it's sickening to me, and I'm tired of it. So instead, I will laugh. At them, at terrorism, at death, at everything. In a world of confused suffering, it's either laugh or die. I choose teh lulz!