When Fighting Monsters

This mural was from the Season 5 episode "Dead is Dead" and was located beneath the Temple, directly above a block with holes in it, expressly made, it seems, for Smokey. In this picture we see Anubis to the right, invoking or welcoming what must be the Smoke Monster; other symbols include an upside down Ankh in the upper right (meaning death?), some snakes, an inverted 131?, an eye in the center (linked no doubt to the frequent eye references in Lost), and two wheel shaped symbols on the left, one of which might indicate the "Donkey Wheel" which can move the island.

What this all means? Your guess is as good as mine. I like the idea though that maybe some ancient Egyptians found the Island and the weird creatures living on it, and took their stories of these strange creatures back to Egypt, which became the basis for Egyptian mythology (and our legends of Atlantis).

I collect books of symbols, so this is just cat-nip for me. Love it.

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