Kind of a big deal


Not only do I love-love-love Obama - and I really do (it's very odd to me. I've never really felt anything towards any public figure. But Obama impresses me, motivates me, inspires me more than any person I've ever come across. He's amazing) - but I love the VP, Joe Biden. He's as close to a regular guy as you can get for a politician, and he's direct. After the HCR signing ceremony, Biden was heard to say to Obama "This is a big fucking deal". It was not towards the mic, but was picked up anyways.

Of course, the Fox Propagandists will try and try to make hay from it. Good luck hypocrites. But it really does sum up what Obama and the Democrats have done. A big deal. And it's not just healthcare! Snuck into the same bill was a massive reform for college loans backed by the government - long story short, much more money will be available for students, and the banks will no longer get a fat cut. Win-win for everyone. Of course the Repugs were against that too, but is that a surprise?

And this is, what I suspect, will be the pattern for the rest of Obama's Presidency: He will accomplish amazing things, but the Repugs will bad mouth everything he does, the Media will echo the smear, and there will be a sizeable minority (oh, around 27%) who will dominate the discussion, such that to the "average man", he'll wonder if Obama has done anything at all.

Fun games.

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