Off the List

So, from the "May only interest me" file, we have Leif Garret. Lief happens to be one of only a handful of people I've ever been jealous of - it was 1979, California, and I just could not match his hair. I tried, and tried, but failed. And I have held this grudge against Leif for a long, long time. Until just last week, when I came upon Leif's mugshot, thusly:
Jealous no more! So, for what it's worth Leif, rest a bit easier, since you're off my dreaded List.

In other news, however, that episode of ChiPs featured above has been permanently set into my brain, one, for the jealousy reason, but two, and more interesting to me, is what happens in the scene featured above: in it, Leif plays a busy rock star just picked up in his limo. He's very tired though, so falls asleep, and then there is a car crash! However, fortunately, being asleep saved Leif's life (on the show), since he was so relaxed, and it was right then I took a vow as a child to learn how to relax my body in preparation for an accident. And I actually worked at this, ever since - this is a big clue as to my personality, I now realize. Anyways, many, many moons later I was taking a class in Tae Kwon Do that was specifically about learning how to fall, and this relaxation technique was one of the keys to the trick. Which I can now do effortlessly, along with many other tricks that I learned in similarly obscure ways. Stay tuned for a post on "Walking like an Indian".

But, in sum, Leif: I hope you can get over your jealousy of your younger self. Also, Duran Duran? Until I learn a reason otherwise, you're all still on the List.

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