Time is the fire in which we burn

Evolution is very simple, at root. I could express it in a formula, as such:
T = Time
C = Competition
M = Mutation
R = Reproduction

Such that Evolution = C(R*M)/T

Or, basically, competition over time will favor certain mutations via reproduction over others. These mutations are the engine of evolution, in that they will either flourish or die out based on their competitiveness in the given environment, and the corresponding changes are what we label the results of evolution.

Now, that's for living evolution. But evolution actually describes ANY system in our reality, since all systems operate within time and within competitive environments (that is, limited resources).  Consider the evolution of a planet: It's born, so to speak, and will die, so to speak; it has to compete for space and material in the solar system with other objects, and, over time, it accumulates mutations that will result in changes. It evolves, in other words. Just as idea evolve, just as everything evolves, since, as discussed before, the very basis of our existence is the transformation of energy. Thus, evolution will always occur with these transformations.

Inherent in this is the idea that it is so called "imperfections" that give rise to all of reality, much like the grain of sand in an oyster causes the creation of a pearl.

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