Invisible Fence

I realize I am not the most objective fan of Lost, since I think pretty much everything they do is awesome. That said, last night's episode, Recon, had a few weaker moments, I thought, but was still incredible, as all of Season 6 has been (and next week looks to be even more so!). I giggled like a schoolgirl at the Alt-Sawyer as Undercover Cop reveal, as we on the Interwebs had been calling that since the first episode of the season (specifically, when Sawyer appears to be giving Hurley advice on the plane, about cons). That said, Sawyer was a cop, saw Kate in handscuffs, and subtly aided her escape. But now he's caught her. Wonder how that will work out (Hmm..... Kate runs, messes everything up, maybe?). 

I've been somewhat obsessed of late between the connections, if any, between all the various industrialists and fabulously wealthy people on the show. We have Widmore, Ben and the Others (who have extensive resources off island), Hanso and Dharma, Paik Automotive group (which Sun now controls), Hurley (who's poor in comparison), and that's all I got, for now. The Boones had a wedding "empire", but they're long gone, fortunately.

What has got me thinking is basically this: How in the heck did the Others/Jacob/Smokey/Whomever allow Dharma to build such massive infrastructure on the island? They were everywhere. In addition, they paid lip service to many Egyptian and Eastern beliefs, and they were specifically working on ways to "change the world". To wit: I have to believe Dharma was on the island with the blessing of Jacob.

And how about the Others? It's clear they have big resources off island - where did they get them? Why did they allow Dharma to move on the island, maintaining a truce for over 14 years. By whose order? And finally, who ordered the Purge? Jacob? Richard? Widmore? Ben?

It's germane to the end, I believe, as we'll have to resolve - somehow - the motives and actions of all these powerful groups. I am leaning towards the following idea: Jacob has established many different groups, all with the aim of working towards his goal (whatever that is). For reasons we don't yet know, the Others fell out of favor with Jacob, so he started a new group - Dharma. But through the perfidy of Ben, the Others wiped out Dharma, but Widmore took the blame, and coupled with his off island dalliances, he was banished, by Ben. Ben is the corrupter here, and once gone, Widmore has been trying to set things right - by Jacob.

It works so far, since it appears as of last night, Widmore is there to stop Smokey. I don't fully buy it, yet, since all we heard about Smokey in that exchange between Sawyer and Widmore was from Sawyer - he brought it up, not Widmore. And who killed all the Ajira survivors?

Finally, it seems more and more likely Smokey is evil, even though he's also the nicest guy on the Island, except for all the killing. For example, his story to Kate about bad mothers? Seemed a set up to me, to make Kate think she cannot allow Claire to get Aaron back. For, if you recall, one of the longest running "prophecies" on the show has been about Aaron, and who raises him. It seems clear Smokey does not want Claire raising Aaron herself - why? No idea. But there have been lots and lots of attempts to get Aaron away from Claire, and Smokey's story about crazy mothers seemed part of the same "con". Smokey is lying, in other words - how are they going to fly that jet out of there, for example?

To end, for now, got to say I loved the scene where Smokey had to make peace between Claire and Kate, and calm everyone down. "Smokey Knows Best" - it ain't easy being Big Pimp Smoke on the Island. Everyone's got a problem!

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