Real Men Become Priests

An actual recruitment poster from the NY Archdiocese, apparently without a trace of irony. I wonder if they're hitting their quotas - I mean, who wouldn't jump at the idea of being a priest these days!

Organized Religion = Organized crime. Think of it! These men assume positions of power based on a fairly tale, on membership in a brotherhood that unfortunately has too much historical legacy; in the not too far past, these men achieved towering heights of power and wealth, all in the name of representing the poor shepherd God, Jesus, wielding this power via mental and physical intimidation. Thankfully, the Catholic Church's power has been greatly weakened over the last, oh, 400 years, and especially so in the last 200. Bu they still have power, and plenty of it.

Consider! It seems pretty obvious that the Church as an Institution has systematically covered up widespread sexual abuse amongst their priests. Now, if a regular man rapes a child, hopefully he goes to jail for a long time. When a priest does it, however, over and over, well, because he works for "God", well, the Law has no say, right? Transfer him to another church and tell him to seek forgiveness. Ha.

I don't see how anyone could choose to be a Catholic anymore. But then, I don't see how anyone could so resolutely lie to themselves as to actually believe these fairy tales. But still, from a marketing perspective, it seems to be by now that these concepts are now irrevocably linked: Priests = Child Rapists, and Roman Catholic Church = Criminal organization. 

Let us see how they recover from this. Maybe with hip new priests like this guy:
3D priest on the Catholic Channel, comin' at ya! Wicked cool!

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