Ominous, eh? I've started my latest rewatch of all of Lost, starting with Season 1 episode 1. I've rewatched all of Lost probably four times now in the past year, as I watch an episode a night while I run nowhere on my elliptical trainer. It's great for me, since I'm still paying attention to the show, and thus the workout just flies by. In fact, watching old episodes of Lost is so very enjoyable to me now, with the events of the last two seasons.

For instance, Locke: They set him up as not only mysterious from the get go, but also ominous. His musical cues are all ominous. He's alone for most of the first 6 episodes. There's a series of edits which connect Locke and the ghost of Christian - as in, we see Christian briefly, he disappears, than Locke appears in the same spot.

Finally, the scar over his eye. It just occurred to me that Jack also received several large cuts on his face in the Pilot episode, yet he heals up fast (due no doubt to the island); Locke, on the other hand, maintains the scar from this initial cut throughout the show - even as Flocke.

I suspect the only reason for this is visual - it looks menacing. But still, you never know with this show.

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