We play the roles assigned

I've come to the conclusion that the so called "American Dream" is in fact one of the more useful tools of control The Man has invented, in the US at least. Basically, it allows the Elite to say "work hard and you can be as rich as us - anyone can!", when in fact that is not true. It allows the Average Person to blame themselves for any failures - since anyone can make it in America, if you don't, you're a failure.

A nice system, you see, since upwards social mobility is an out of date phenomenon in America, yet everyone pretends it's still the truth. 

Alas, the story is basically the same as it's ever been in human history: A small group of elites wielding disproportionate power over the vast majority.

But, all that said, and in truth, there are exceptions, of course. A darn clear one being Barack Obama, who is as good an example of the "American Dream" as I can recall.

And in this long slog that is the evolution of life on Earth, all it might take to make dramatic changes is a rare event, every now and then, like an asteroid. Or like Barack Obama - something, anything, which upends the status quo and shows everyone, clearly, that there are other ways. Ways that provide a clear break with the past and the chance for a new future.

These same moments are met, in turn, by their opposite forces, the reactionary forces, as such:
Here's a man who's been lied to his entire life, and not only believes the lies but has adopted them as his own thoughts. He's being used, but doesn't realize it, and instead takes all the anger and frustration that results from being used and directs it at those who had little to nothing to do with it - the Other.

This is the role of the Other, always: To redirect; in this case, redirect hostility from its actual target (the Elite), towards someone else, anyone else, it hardly matters who.

But then, we all play our roles, one way or another.

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