Not really sure how much blogs are influencing the various debates of the day, but I do know this: Everything that happened these past few weeks to get HCR passed was outlined in detail on Daily Kos months and months ago - they were specifically touting the need for the Reconciliation process, which is what the House used last night. Which is perfectly legal and was used all the time by the Repugs when they wanted to - so don't believe any of their lies about illegality.

I hope this historic legislation re-energizes the Progressives out there, who have apparently taken a beating this past year. Next on the agenda, deliciously timed, will be Immigration Reform - did you know there was a march of over 200K people yesterday in Washington? Oh, no, you don't because instead the Cable News liars relentlessly covered the thousand or so Tea Bagging Trolls hurling eipthets at Congressman. Our media!

But, if you think these ignorant tea bagging fools were angry about Health Care reform (hint: It had nothing to do with health care), wait till you see their responses to Immigration Reform. Fun times await. But! Has the Tide turned?

Tune in to find out!

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