Don't Stop Believin'

I'm still a believer. How could you not be? The man is a natural leader and FSM knows we need one.

We need to believe - no matter how grounded in logic and fact you are, belief is still required to operate in this world. Our very reality is a collection of fictions, stories woven by our senses, interpreted by our brain, distributed via chemicals and pulses, aggregations of thousands of actions collectively we call, ourselves. The mighty I. But that's just a belief, one that could be changed overnight. 

So, keep believing. Just believe in better stuff.


l.e.s.ter said...

I'm still believing! Interesting couple of articles in the New Yorker this week, covering Obama one year in. (George Packer's is titled “Obama's Lost Year"). Here's hoping for the Year of the Tiger.

Incredible image, BTW. It's got Darth Vader and the Brita Filter in it!

Redshirt said...

Did not read the article you're referencing yet, but Obama has had an incredible year. It's just with the wingnut roar, it's hard to tell sometimes.

The image is incredible. It first started as a sincere painting back in 2008; then people started adding in pop culture references, till you see the final product. Yes, Vader with a Brita - makes perfect sense!