Dog, God, Anubis, and the Meaning Of Vincent

No, no real meaning here. Just idle speculation. Like! The second character we see on Lost is Vincent (Jack is the first). Vincent comes upon Jack in the jungle, walks on his face, and takes off. To mysterious music, of course. Vincent plays somewhat of a major role in the first few episodes, due mainly to the Walt - Michael - Locke dynamic.

But, hey! Anubis had a dog's head, right? Vincent seems to be untouchable - he did survive a plane crash, after all, and shows up for all the exciting moments on the Island. Is it time for a Vincent flashback? What's Vincent doing in the Alt-Reality? I want more Vincent!!!

The top image shows Vincent with the mummified (mummies!) hand of Roger Workman, nee Linus, Ben's dad. A real jerk, if you recall. In fact, Ben's deserved hatred of his Father is one of the main engines that makes this drama go. Imagine what Ben turns into with a loving Dad.... oh, we already saw that. A high school teacher.

The bottom image is not from the broadcast, but rather from one of a series of "mobisodes" that aired online during the first season. Here's the synopsis of the above "mobisode", "So It Begins":

Vincent is trotting through the jungle, as we follow his point of view. After moving past a bag of luggage with clothes strewn about, he hears a whistle. It is Christian Shephard, who calls the Labrador closer. Christian wears white tennis shoes. He tells Vincent to go wake up his son, who is unconscious and not far away. As the dog trots off, Christian adds, "He has work to do." We then see the opening moments of "Pilot, Part 1": Jack's eye opens as he awakens disoriented in a bamboo grove and Vincent approaches. They look at each other for a moment before Vincent trots off. 
I don't know if these "mobisodes" count towards official mythology, but this seems somewhat important to my Vincent perspective.

And finally, the internets are very excited for any current appearance of Christian this season. No one knows who/what he is, though Smoke Monster is the most obvious choice. However, a single ghostly appearance of Christian this season would seem to rule that out, making Christian something else. If this comes to pass, my bet is that Christian actually represents the Island. Just like the ghost boy who freaked out Flocke represents the Island. Not Jacob, but the Island itself.

Maybe we'll find out tonight. Probably not. Regardless, it's gonna be fun! 

EDIT to add: Should have done more research. According to the incredible Lostpedia, the "mobisodes" are part of the mythology, were filmed/broadcast in 2007/2008, and can now be found on the Season 4 DVD's. Which I must now watch ASAP.


Skramly said...

I love Vincent too, but let's just let him be. He's happy with Rose and Bernard. We don't need a Rose-Bernard side-life episode do we? Then again, maybe in the alternate reality Rose and Bernard are professional assassins or drug overlords or something.

Redshirt said...

C'mon! A Vincent flashback would be the best. There would be puppies, for example, and lots and lots of dog adventures.

How about the ultimate twist ending where it's revealed that Vincent has been behind everything? Also, he talks, with the voice of James Earl Jones.

Skramly said...

Now THAT would be something. And it's true, I can't be against any idea involving puppies.

Redshirt said...

It's a universal maxim, pretty much: Puppies = wholesome awesomeness