An Angry God

Let's pretend, for a moment, that the God of the Old Testament is real, and created everything we see today - all of the earth, every star, every galaxy, black hole, other universe, atom, quark, string, energy, etc. Everything.

This being the case, why oh why in the world would HE be angry at anything a single person could do? If I eat shellfish while wearing woven threads, is this somehow an offense and insult to a being that created every molecule of existence?

Seems rather foolish and unbelievable!

Or! Just perhaps, is it more likely this God does not exist, and everything attributed to him really comes from the works of man, and ultimately forms a system of tribal control. Hmm.......


Skramly said...

Jesus loves you!

Redshirt said...

No he doesn't. I saw him fooling around with someone else this weekend. :(