Tutankhamon of the World

All pictures from 2008/early 2009 - either during Obama's trip in the Summer, election night, or the day Obama was sworn in. This guy's got it right - like it or not, the leader of America has enormous influence over all the people of the world in a variety of ways. And thus, about 10 million people in a handful of states thus determine the fate of the world. Choose wisely, America! The world already has.
Socialism! Communism! Ismism!
Totally spontaneous celebration in Islamabad - ain't that an awesome name for a city too?
This drunk guy in Norway loves Barry!
As do these drunks in London.
And these folks in Nairobi.
And this family in Bosnia.
As well as this family in Sadr City.
It's an Obama party in Kabul!
Yes, rare Wingnut who might be reading this blog. I'm well aware that the rest of the world does not get to vote for President of the USA. However, surely (ha!) even you would agree better to have a leader that the rest of the world respects and is eager to work with, rather than some Corporate empty suit espousing idiocy in the form of "American Exceptionalism". Right? Ha, yeah, right.

The vast majority of the world truly respects Obama, and yet we here in America are forced to endure the overly loud opinions of a small minority of idiots and bigots, who somehow have coerced the American media establishment to defer to their every raving. It's sad, and scary, but it's also not working.

America will re-elect Barack Obama, and he can get back to work in fixing the disasters of W. and the rest of the Republican Radicals.

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