Memories of Berlin

Berlin, July 2008. Good times - remember? Hope was what you felt then - for Change! Now you probably feel some variant of weary. But fret not! Change is on the way.
With our help, Barack Obama will be re-elected next week, and America will have 4 more years to try and recover from the Republican poisoning. We'll need a better Congress though, so get out and vote!
Get excited! It's important work we do here - literally, saving the world. The stakes are that high. Good versus evil stuff. Oh yeah, and babes. Liberals have the better babes. And these days for sure, crowds.
An estimated 240,000 Berliners came out to see then Senator Barack Obama speak. Hundreds of thousands more in cities across Europe. He also went to Iraq and Afghanistan. Compare that to Mitt Romney's trip to Europe this past Summer, which was a hilarious tour de farce, lurching from one mistake to another. I don't recall any crowds, either. Private fundraisers ($$$) only. It's a joke that there's any kind of competition between these two candidates. But that's the reality when a solid 40% of Americans would vote for a rock as long as it had an (R) next to it's name. Propaganda's a hell of a thing.

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