A Clear Choice

Here's a young Obama visiting the family back in old Africa. And this is part of the problem, for many. Race. Simply because of the color of his skin, or the (D) after his name, a large percentage of Americans HATE our President with a fury beyond logic. They're mad with hate. And yet...
A young Barry with Mom, and Grandad at the beach. These pictures are jarring to many, I suspect - whiter than white folks with a black child. DOES NOT COMPUTE! But it does. This is America, given our horrid racial history. This is the world, in fact - populations that evolved in isolation for thousands and thousands of years now all mixed up and swirled. This is our future - the mixing.
Look at this crowd. This is the future of America, and aye, the world. Different peoples and cultures living together in harmony based on the bedrock principle that no "people" are superior to another, but rather we all are equal and value peace, justice, and the well being of ourselves and our families.
And thus, a very clear choice: Elect the man who in person and in deed represents this diverse future - Barack Obama. Or another white man who's claim to fame is being rich and belonging to a cult he can't talk about.

The choice is stark - one brings a continuation of the Renaissance; the other its denigration.

Choose wisely, America. Choose Democrats, at every level.


Marc said...

I hope he will be re-elected!

Marc said...

get! not be

Redshirt said...

"Be" works. :)

I am confident he will. FSM help us all if he is not.