Sagan Day 2012

Happy Sagan Day! 2012 as a Mayan Apocalypse means nothing, by the way. Let's get that out of the way immediately.  But I will still use it for humorous effect.
Turning more Vulcan by the year.
Carl took ZERO bullshit. That was his thing - see, that's the thing with science. No bullshit. Ever, for any reason, at any time, ever. Antithetical to the very enterprise. Whereas Religion is clearly built on lies. Consider that, Godlings.
The proof is always in the pudding.

Also:  Not a College Republican, though everyone from the 50's looks the part.


Marc said...

I just love this guy! I like to watch all the COSMOS DVDs show from time to time.

Redshirt said...

He's absolutely the best. I loved the show as well.

They're remaking it. I can't imagine it will be as good, though no doubt the graphics will be far superior.

Marc said...

Also scientific data will be up to date. Of course a remake without Sagen will not be the same, but I hope it will reach and inspire many young people!

Redshirt said...

We certainly need to, because there are passionate fools trying to brainwash folks into denying all aspects of science.

Amazing that in the year 2012 we're actually engaged in a war between science and religion for people's minds.