(Sad Slow Piano)

Invisiblemanitus is a tragic illness that strikes 1 in a billion Americans each year. Unable to be seen except for the items they wear, these invisible Americans cannot find work, a roof over their heads, or even food. Invisible people are struggling to stay alive on our streets, until now, hopeless for a cure. But with recent medical breakthroughs, we are close to a cure for Invisiblemanitus. With your generous donation we can continue the cutting edge science necessary to prevent this dread disease. Won't you please help people like Frank Jenkison, veteran, Father of 2, and yet living on the streets for over 3 years? It would mean so much to Frank and the several others like him - it's impossible to know for sure how many Invisible People there are, but that's why it's so important to give now so we can find out, and cure them. Thank you.

(Incredible Hulk TV show song)

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