Tread on Me

Can you imagine putting up an RNC flag? Party over country! So sad it's all half mastey, Wingnut. Maybe you should stop watching Fox?
There's a smattering of stories these last few days of businesses shutting for the day, or even laying off workers, cuz, OBAMA! BS, says I, but even if true, I worry not - the all powerful free market will pick up the business you Wingnuts willingly throw away.
Sums it up, eloquently. In true Orwellian fashion, you can assume the opposite of whatever a Wingnut says. When they say "Freedom!", they mean the freedom to control you. When they say "Fair and Balanced!", they mean slanted propaganda. When they say "Don't Tread on Me!", oh, yes, they love getting treaded upon. As long the boot has an "R" on the sole.

Also too:
Subjectively, a Young Republican is the worst Wingnut. You're in college, man! There's no excuse for being "conservative".


Blue Collared Snob said...

Even now they are blaming Romeny for not being a true believer and ostracizing Chris Christie, the same guy that Roger Ailes begged to run this time, for thanking Obama for all his help in relief efforts for New Jersey. Now I'm not a betting man but if I were I think they are going to run further right and purge more moderates, the five that are left.

Redshirt said...

It is known.

We just need to keep the pressure on in 2014. 2010 screwed us in many surprising ways.

Bukko Canukko said...

Thanx for the fotos. Because my thirst for wingnut tears will never be slaked...

Redshirt said...

I'll have another cache soon, I think. If FSM wills it. I've been drinking deep from their bitter, bitter tears. So tasty.