Keep Moving

Citizens! Follow these guidelines so that the next time you can punch that dastardly Jap rather than the friendly Chinese public servant!
Um, yeah, lady? By the wording of the sign, maybe you should be leaving the neighborhood as well? Being a woman and all. But committed to your distrust of Japs!

You see here three very positive trends: 1. This kind of outright racism is no longer tolerated in most places. Sure, it still exists, but pushed down and frowned upon, which is but a step towards elimination. 2. Former enemies can become great friends! Or, at least, geo-politics makes for strange bedfellows. 3. Peace can be made and grown over generations. Arguably, Japan (and Germany) had fairly aggressive and war like societies prior to World War 2. Since, they've been two of the most peaceful countries in the world, and their societies have become much more tolerant and less martial.

We are making huge strides as a species for the most part. An important fact to remember when reading the latest Rightwing slobberings. It's never a settled matter, however. Peace and Justice must be fought for on a daily basis.

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