Future American Composite

If I were writing this article for the NY Tribune in 1910, I'd have suggested mutton chops would have come back in style... in the FUTURE! Also, Magyar = Hungarian.

But the good folks of the NY Tribune could not have possibly imagined non-Europeans as future Americans, of course. Heck!
Apparently these types of articles were all the rage 1941-1945. So insightful!

Really, though, in 1910 it wasn't even conceivable for a person of non-European descent to be considered American. Now look at us! A large block of non-Europeans got together and re-elected a black man born in Hawaii.  Who of course has 50% European background, like many Americans.


l.e.s.ter said...

Aw, sweet, the Jewish guy gets a "Born in America" banner.

Redshirt said...

Your observation makes me wonder what the nature of antisemitism was in 1880-1920 America.

I know in Europe antisemitism is a long standing condition that began really heating up in the late 1800's, obviously culminating in the genocides of the 30's and 40's.

l.e.s.ter said...

PBS had a cool documentary on it a few years ago. I think it was mostly discriminatory (quotas, restrictions on owning property), but it's a good question. Look at the Italian -- there's some old-school racism at work.